Beware the Bear: 2018 Market Commentary Webinar

Beware the Bear – 2018 Market Commentary Webinar


Preparing for what the markets might do in 2018

2018 Market Commentary Webinar

Just recently, the Dow climbed over 24,000 for the first time.  After a tremendous year for most markets, the sun is certainly shining on Wall Street. 

But what happens when it stops? 

Are your clients prepared?  Are you? 

It’s been over eight years since the last bear market.  Perhaps the next one will come in 2018.  Perhaps not.  But one thing’s for sure: it will come.  And advisors need to prepare for it. 

So, on Monday, December 11, at 4:15pm EST, I hope you’ll take an hour to join me and two special guests as we help you prepare. 

Beware the Bear
Preparing for what the markets might do in 2018

With special guests, Jack Reutemann and Don Creech!

Monday, December 11

4:15pm EST

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Jack Reutemann BGM Users Conference 2017

The man above is Jack Reutemann, a legendary financial advisor in D.C. with over $400M in AUM.  As the founder of Research Financial Strategies, Jack is a pioneer in modern investment strategies whom thousands of other advisors turn to for advice.  He’s known for having helped his clients avoid the last four major stock market corrections.

For the last eight years, we have partnered together to found No More Pies, a two-day course that teaches financial advisors how to use technical analysis to protect their clients’ assets in any market while simultaneously raising more money. 

On Monday, December 11 at 4:15 ET, we are going to look ahead to the upcoming year.  What might the markets do?  How will it affect your clients?  How can you use this opportunity to protect their assets from the next bear market, whenever that might be? 

We’ll discuss:

  • What events, both in and out of Washington, could move the markets in 2018
  • The risks and opportunities Jack and Don are currently looking at
  • The market data and sales process Jack uses to close just about every prospect he meets with
  • A little about No More Pies, our famous 2-day course that teaches advisors how to use technical analysis to raise and manage money

Beware the Bear
Preparing for what the markets might do next year

2018 Market Commentary Webinar

Monday, December 11

4:15pm EST

Register Here

Why should you attend?

Consider this:

  • Over the last 85 years, there have been 16 Bear Markets, occurring on average every 5.25 years (63 months).
  • The average Bear Market decline is 38.25%.
  • The last Bear Market wiped out about 57% of the average investor’s retirement assets.

Ask yourself: what will you do to AVOID living through another 2008?  What’s your plan for preparing for the next bear market?  Do you even have one? 

Or, are you looking at the markets and thinking, “The markets will keep going up and up, forever and ever.  I never have to worry about volatility again.”

This webinar will help answer some of those questions.   


We’ll cover that, too.  The fact is that technical analysis isn’t just a tool for protecting client assets.  It’s also a way of separating yourself from the herd.  It’s a way to brand yourself as being different from other financial advisors.  Most No More Pies graduates take what they learn and use it to close more prospects and capture more client assets. 

That’s why I’ve invited another special guest to join us.  His name is Don Creech.  After getting burned by the meltdown in 2008, he turned to technical analysis and used it to help rebuild a thriving practice. 

So, if you want to start preparing for the next bear market NOW –

If you’re looking for a strategy that will help you protect your clients’ assets AND raise more money at the same time –

If you want to prepare for 2018 –

Then you don’t want to miss this 2018 market commentary webinar.

Look: all advisors want to grow their business.  All advisors need to PROTECT their business. 

Above all, every advisor needs to plan ahead and not just assume the sun will always be shining. 

Register for this webinar today!

Beware the Bear
Preparing for what the markets might do next year

2018 Market Commentary Webinar

Monday, December 11

4:15pm EST

Register Here

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!



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