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5 Ways Your Team Can Skyrocket Your Production

Matt Hicken, AAMS®
Sr. VP of Client Success

Spencer Hicken
BGM Consultant and Onsite Trainer

5 Ways Your Team Can Skyrocket Your Production

How to engage and inspire your team to help more clients, and help you grow

Throughout your career you’ve pursued more. More prospects. More clients. More assets. More production. And you’ve done well! So well, in fact, that you’re not sure you can take on anymore.

While business is chugging along and it would be great to continue to grow, you can’t help but wonder, what will you have to sacrifice if you grow even more?

And when do you get more time?

When was the last day you didn’t answer your phone, answer emails, or stress about work?

How many times have you cancelled that golf game, put off that fishing trip, or missed your grandkid’s game?

It may not come as a huge surprise, but the solution isn’t for you to work harder.
It’s for your team to work smarter.

As Ken Blanchard said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

You see, working smarter means working as a true team, leveraging each individual’s strengths. It means each team member taking full responsibility for their role in your company’s growth. It means developing or deploying established processes to increase efficiency. It means monitoring what’s working to increase your ROI on time, and spending more time doing what actually works.

During this webinar, Matt and Spencer reveal the best practices that are working NOW to:

• Attract qualified, highly productive employees who want to help you make your vision reality.

• Maximize production by providing critical training each team member needs to excel.

• Prevent employee burnout and turnover, while increasing initiative, engagement, and a thriving culture.

• Organize your practice and processes to maximize productivity and increase your bottom line.

• Manage your team to ensure you’re making measurable and repeatable progress toward your goals.

If you’d like to have more time to pursue your personal goals while keeping your business running strong;

If you’d like peace of mind that your business will continue growing when you take a vacation, leave early for a family event, or just take a day to relax;

If you know your processes and team management needs to improve to make it happen;

You need to watch this webinar!

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