7 Crucial Steps to Closing New Clients - Chad Henry - Bill Good Marketing

7 Crucial Steps to Closing New Clients – Chad Henry

7 Crucial Steps to Closing New Clients

And why education is the most vital one of all!

When you look at all the great advisors we’ve worked with, they all have several things in common. But, where it counts the most, they all had (and have) a very high conversion rate from prospect to client.

What is their magic formula?

Is it some kind of sales magic alchemy? The strength of their personality? Their charm?

Yes, yes, and yes.

But it also boils down to PROCESS. And that process begins and ends with our legendary Sales Pipeline.

The Sales Pipeline was, is, and will always be the easiest way to increase your closing percentage with hardly any effort. It can also be the metric by which you gauge the success or failure of your Sales Assistant.

To that end, we would like to invite you to a webinar with one of our legendary Gorillas, Chad Henry.


Matt Hicken AAMS®
Sr. VP of Client Success
Bill Good Marketing

Chad Henry AIF®
Financial Advisor

On average, Chad raises around $30 million in new assets each year, which he has done for many years. And that’s not as a member of some gigantic 15-partner team. He runs his own business. He supervises his own hand-picked staff. He’s in the trenches every day, meeting with clients and prospects, just like you.

So, what makes his success story so different from yours?

That difference lies in the process.

The process of bringing in a new client requires you to carefully show a prospect what they want, so that he or she will move heaven and earth to get it.

And the most important step of getting them to that ultimate need for change lies in prospect education.

And if you find that at least half of your appointments are not becoming clients, then your first step to a higher close rate is by improving your education step. And Chad is going to share his process.

In this webinar Chad and Matt will discuss:

  • How Chad Henry systematically ensures he is the smartest in the room.
  • How to take the complex and simplify it into NOC questions.
  • Some of the top questions Chad uses in Discovery meetings.
  • How Chad uses Strategic Partners to stay on top of latest trends.
  • The ideal room setup for your education meeting with your prospective client.

There are three reasons why education is the most vital step of your closing process.


  1. You know enough to ask your prospects the right questions to reveal real pain points.
  2. It helps your prospects to quickly determine what their problems are, and how you are just the right person to solve them.
  3. It brings about a real need for change.
You’ve shown them what they want, and now they will move heaven and earth to get it. And all it took is a little education.

And by the end, you will know that with the right education, you hardly need to ask your closing questions.

Your prospects will ask you!
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