Bill Good Marketing


Charleston, SC - The Segra Club

conference materials

Day 1

The More-Better Model Day

Leveraging Technology to Save Time and Effort

Speaker: Frantz Widmaier

Advisor Autopilot

Creating a Self-Sustaining Practice So You Can Focus on You

Speaker: Ed Blumenthal

Find & Conquer

How to Dominate Your Dream Market

Speaker: Ric Lager

Be Found, Look Good

Digital Marketing for the Digital Age

Speakers: Bob Bennie & Jessie Thompson

The Final Frontier

Mastering Your Work/Life Balance As You Near Retirement

Speaker: Stephen Hamer

Day 2

Survival of the Fittest:

The Secret to Making Your Processes More Efficient & Effective

Speaker: John Halterman

How to Grow without Prospecting:

Connecting Your Way to Sales Success

Speaker: Erik Strid

Live Strategy School Session:

Overcoming Plateaus with your AUM

Speakers: Tony Parmenter & Matt Hicken

The Great Transition

Your Practice Management Plan for the Next 10 Years

Speaker: Bill Good

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