The 2018 Bill Good Marketing Advisor Conference

The 2018 Advisor Conference

Aug 2nd & Aug 3 2018 Salt Lake City

Grow Better Faster

Grow Better Faster

Our Speakers = Stellar Success + Exceptional Growth.

Year after year, we invite top producers to share their secrets with our clients. This is the first time ever that we are opening up our conference to non-clients. Don’t miss your chance to get the best practices, right from the mouths of advisors, like you, who have implemented them.

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Speakers And Topics

Bill Good

The Five Biggest Obstacles For Growth Advisors

The five biggest opportunities for growth you’ll be presented with and how to seize them. The current marketing trends Bill has identified in the industry, including what works, and what doesn’t.

Rob Rose

How To Build Unstoppable Momentum

What activities generate the most momentum and the most business. The key relationships that generate the most activity and how to cultivate them. How to coordinate your team so that more gets done and no time gets wasted.

Craig Moser

The Science Of Closing

The profiling questions he asks. This is so important! The different types of analyses he performs on each prospect. Craig’s approach is a terrific way to ensure each prospect’s desire outweighs their fear of change, a prerequisite for closing. How his team contributes to closing.

Rhonda Ferguson

How to Dominate Your Market in Three Years

How to leverage your existing relationships to get introductions to the most desirable prospects in your market. How to target the biggest employers in your area an invaluable source of new leads. The exact steps to take to dominate your market in 3 years.

Neil McPeak Jr

How to Sell to Hnw Prospects

Learn how Neil attracts High Net Worth prospects to his seminars to achieve fast, explosive growth in just twelve months. If you’re impatient to grow, this presentation is for you. . His method for closing HNW prospects and converting them into multi-million dollar accounts.

Chad Henry

Building Centers of Influence: The Key to Unlocking Referrals

How to get appointments with nearly every client attorney & CPA. What to say in the appointment that will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. How to discipline Strategic Partners that don’t provide referrals and maintain Top-of-Mind awareness with all Strategic Partners & COIs.

Ray Dunlap

Growing Without Prospecting

How Ray uses client data to get introductions to clients’ friends and family. How changes Ray made to his client marketing have yielded over 40 new referrals and gets his clients to bring guests to events, and how to turn those guests into clients.

Michele Tellstone

Turning Your Team into a Machine for Growth

The vital roles that ensure a thriving practice, and how to fill them. The systems and processes Michelle employs to protect her advisors’ time. How the entire team can help find more assets, close more prospects, and generate more referrals.

Steven Robbins & Lisa Avenevoli

Social Prospecting: How to Grow Using Social Media and Events

How to use social media to drive people to your website, and from your website to events. How to get event attendees to set appointments and become clients. How to create a diversified prospecting strategy so that your leads never dry up.

Speaker Panel

Questions Were Asked and Answers Were Given

We gave the floor to our attendees, to ask speakers for more information on the topics that mattered to them most.

What Past Attendees Are Saying About The Conference

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