The 2019 Bill Good Marketing Advisor Conference

The 2019 Advisor Conference

May 16th & 17th Nashville, TN

Creating a Cutting-Edge Practice for the 2020s

Advisor Conference 2019 is designed to help you modernize, grow, and thrive in the 2020s

This year’s conference was held at the beautiful Wellspire Center in Nashville, Tennessee on May 16th and 17th. 

Every year, our conference agenda is composed of some of the industry’s brightest minds and biggest producers. Every year, we bring them together so they can share their most cutting-edge campaigns, strategies, and best practices. This year was no exception! 

Everyone who attended will receive an email with credentials so they can log in to access the recorded video of all 12 of this year’s speakers, along with the audio recordings so you can download and listen on the go. We’ve also attached all of the presentation slides and any bonus downloads. If you have access can you click each speaker below to access the recording, or download the audio, slide decks and bonus materials. 

If you haven’t yet, you can purchase online access to AdvisorCon2019  or Michelle Graves at 800-678-1480 x:1309

With topics spanning targeting, digital marketing, synergistic prospecting, and innovating the client experience, you’ll receive strategies, best practices, and ideas you can put into action the minute you get back to the office. Download the full speaker agenda

What Are Attendees Saying About AdvisorCon 2019

Speakers And Topics

Frantz Widmaier

What It Takes To Be Sole Provider In The 2020s

As we shift into the 2020s it is more important than ever to be human, to build meaningful relationships with your clients and strategic partners. But what does this mean? And how does it relate to becoming or remaining sole provider? Find out inside...

Bryan Sarff

The 6-Year Triple-Double: My Plan For A $100M/Year In New AUM

We’ve helped hundreds of advisors do a 2-Year Double. But a triple-double (three doubles in a row) is MUCH harder. It’s something only a select few have done. Bryan Sarff has a plan founded on organic growth and he's on track to get there.

Bryan Ulatowski

Next-Level Networking: How To Make An Unforgettable First Impression

There are eight different financial advisors within walking distance of Bryan’s office. He doesn’t worry about them. He knows they’ll never get his clients. Why? Because he creates an absolutely unforgettable first impression.

Richard Ina

Live Growth Planning Session: How To Dominate A Market

In this session, you'll watch as we work with Rich in real time to build out his growth plan for the 2020s. This will be a unique, interactive presentation, unlike anything we've ever done before.

Will Simpson

Advanced Targeting: How To Match Your Message To Your Market and Raise $3M A Month

At only 30 years old Will is on track to bring in $36M AUM in 2019. That's $3M a month! Best part he's shooting for $50M by 2020. He's doing it with a very specific targeting approach that allows him to dial into his ideal clients.

Steve Robbins & Lisa Avenevoli

Synergistic Prospecting:How to Get Everyone Within 15 Miles of Your Office to Know Your Name

We utilize eight marketing channels, ensuring they all work together to achieve one goal: That everyone within a 15-mile radius of our office knows our name and eventually comes through our door...

Neil McPeak Jr.

Succession Planning: How to Keep What’s Working and Innovate What’s Not

While gradually taking over his father's practice, Neil is making it rain as well. He raised $75M in 2018 and is on task to hit $4B by age 40. He'll share what's key in a succession plan. Every Junior Advisor needs to hear this.

Rob Rose & Chad Henry

An Inside Look: How Two Legends Plan to Grow Through the 2020s

These two industry giants interview each other to discuss how they drove growth in the 2010s. They discuss how to handle specific challenges in their practices before revealing their master plans for growth through the 2020s...

Frantz Widmaier

Be Found, Look Good: Digital Marketing Secrets for Financial Advisors

Learn ways to generate leads online that convert into hot prospects by transforming your website and social media into a digital marketing funnel. Curating and controlling your digital footprint is more important than ever.

Matthew Bailey

Re-Engineering the System: 10 New Strategies & Content

This year Matt's team accomplished the most extensive and ambitious overhaul to the system ever. They've created a specific strategy for improving every aspect of your practice that's organized into easy-to-understand processes for your team to implement with minimal oversight.

System Manager Panel

How the Right Team Accelerates Growth

The foundation for growth comes from your team, and every great team has a great leader. Lisa Avenevoli, Michele Tellstone, and Gaye Pike discuss hiring, training, team culture, organization, systems, and more to keep things running smoothly, which keeps things growing.

Bill Good

Forecasting Your Industry in the 2020s

Your host, the legendary Head Gorilla, who has coached 1000s of advisors for over 40+ years, closes out this years AdvisorCon with a focus on several specific best practices you must implement in the 2020s. Do them and you’ll thrive. Ignore them, and you’ll find it hard to even survive…

The next decade will continue to create challenges for Financial Advisors. As services continue to become commoditized and technology continues to advance, just being a great advisor isn’t enough anymore.

As we move into the next decade, to be successful you’ll need to:

  • Become an integral part of your community
  • Develop a network of trusted strategic partners
  • Create a well-curated digital foot print
  • Communicate your Risk Management Strategy to clients
  • Connect with your clients in meaningful ways
  • Have a written growth plan

The good news, these are just some of the things we covered at Advisor Confernece 2019.


There’s a special magic that happens when you attend our conference. I call it our conference, as it’s a conference of advisors, for advisors. Your peers, each doing great things in their practice, are willing to open up and share what’s working for them and what’s not. 

This year we answered the question of what you need to do to grow through the next decade. If you watch the presentations and listen to the audio each week, you will incrementally make your business better.



Bill Good - Chairman Bill Good Marketing

Get AdvisorCon 2019 Online Access

You can also purchase your online access over the phone by calling Michelle Graves at 800-678-1480 x:1309

What Past Attendees Are Saying About The Conference

Mark Green

"Successful, generous FAs from across the country come together to provide actionable items that can be implemented immediately. The entire conference is an investment in your practice and growth. Time well-spent!"

Ray Dunlap

"If you're a financial advisor and are NOT attending this workshop, the opportunity cost of the information and strategies you're missing is tangible. I can't imagine a better way to spend two days."

Rachelle Allen

"I walked away with pages of notes on actionable steps to grow."

Scott Sawtelle

"A room full of success and experience shared like an open book."

Peter Cunningham

"Every single speaker delivered something I can use today to grow my practice right now."

Montee Sneed

"This is the conference I attend to stay 3 years ahead of the industry."

Craig Ferrantino

"Practical, actionable steps with nothing held back, and no question unanswered!"

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