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Rob Rose & Chad Henry

An Inside Look: How Two Legends Plan to Grow in the 2020s

An Inside Look: How Two Legends Plan to Grow in the 2020s

After last year’s conference, we asked attendees “Which speakers would you like to hear again?”

The answer was overwhelming: Rob Rose and Chad Henry!

Why? Because both these men are absolute masters at growing a practice. both have doubled their business many times over. Because both are incredibly process-oriented. And, because both are so willing to share everything they’ve learned, discovered, and perfected.

But this session is going to be a little different! Rather than have each one give their own solo presentation, they’re going to be interviewing each other. Think about it: If Rob and Chad were in a room, sharing their plans, swapping ideas and strategies, and discussing what the future holds, wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall? Well, now you can.


One-Of-A-Kind Conversation Between Two Titans

During this conversation you'll learn:

  • The single most important things Rob and Chad did during the 2010s to drive growth (so you can do them, too!)
  • What mistakes Rob and Chad made they wish they could do over (so you can avoid them!)
  • The strategies each plans to focus on during the 2020s to keep their incredible momentum going.
  • How they’re preparing to adapt to the major trends and challenges they predict will dominate the 2020s.
  • Their respective masterplans for growth!

We’ll also present them with a number of scenarios for the 2020s– involving problems to overcome and opportunities to seize – so you can watch in real time as Rob and Chad discuss how they would handle each one. This is also a chance for you to ask lots of questions!

There’s a reason Rob and Chad have spoken at multiple conferences – because people keep demanding we bring them back! But this year is special. It’s an opportunity to watch two legends give you an inside look at how they plan to dominate an entire decade.


About Rob Rose

Rob is a Senior Managing Director at BB&T Scott & Stringfellow. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Additional biography information is forthcoming


About Chad Henry

The two words most used to describe Chad Henry are driven and practical. His first foray into entrepreneurship was at age nine when he had two newspaper routes, one delivering in the mornings before school and the other an evening newspaper route. Growing up on a farm in rural Dixon, IL, he learned the work ethic and midwestern values that are cornerstones to who he is today.

Chad has spent years in the financial planning industry, been featured as a key-note speaker at dozens of respected industry conferences and teaches regularly throughout the country, where he guides financial professionals on innovative strategy and processes. He is the author of Social Security and Retirement Income Planning for Boomers

Based in St. Charles, Illinois, Chad fills his free time with sports, charity work, and other activities with his wife and three children.

Join Two Industry Titans Discuss Their Practices and Growth Plans!>

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