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Targeting: How To Match Your Message To Your Market And Raise $3M A Month

Targeting: How To Match Your Message To Your Market And Raise $3M A Month

When I first spoke to Will, I realized right off the bat that we had a star in the making. Will is only in his early 30s, but he already has $150M in AUM. After bringing in $24M in 2018, he’s on track to raise $36M in 2019!

That’s $3M in new assets per month!

And if you think his ambition ends there, you’re crazy. By the end of 2020, he wants to get to $50M a year in new assets. How is he doing it? Targeting


How's He Doing It?

The principle behind targeting is simple: If you try to sell to everybody, you probably won’t sell to anybody. But if you can identify a specific segment of your market, make that segment your core audience, and craft your story to address the audience’s specific needs, hopes, and fears you will become the dominant advisor for that audience.

That is exactly what Will has done – and it’s what you’ll learn how to do at AdvisorCon.

Target marketing – as opposed to mass marketing – is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business, and it figures to become even more important in the 2020s. That’s because these days, people have so many options to choose from when it comes to financial advice. From the Edward Jones rep down the street, to the robo-advisor online, to all the other wirehouses, independents, and RIAs in your area, the only way to stand out is to

A) Target a specific audience, and
B) Position yourself as the expert for that audience’s specific problems and goals.

Target Your Core Audience

Will’s target audience is corporate executives. It’s a difficult niche, but also a lucrative one! So, whether your target audience is based on demographics, profession, life stage, or anything else, you’ll want to take careful notes as Will shows you:

  • How to actually find and get in front of people within your target audience.
  • Ways to use your investment philosophy, values, and technology to make yourself more attractive to your audience.
  • How to make your personal brand/story resonate with your audience.
  • How to break into particularly difficult-but-lucrative markets.
  • How to make your audience an offer they can’t refuse!


Targeting is not a new concept – but it's one most advisors simply aren’t doing enough. At AdvisorCon, you’ll learn how to integrate targeting into your own marketing – so you can start on the road to $3M a month!


About Will Simpson

Will holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Toronto. Prior to entering the investment industry, he was a successful small business owner. Will has also participated in competitive rugby at an international level. In his spare time, Will enjoys reading, sports and staying current with the financial and economic markets. He lives in downtown Toronto with his wife Keeley.

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