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AdvisorCon 2020 – May 7th and 8th – Charleston, SC

AdvisorCon 2020 live

Charleston, South Carolina

May 7th & 8th, 2020

Maximize your BEST growth channel

Every advisor has a power channel – the single most important source of new assets that you have.  It could be seminars, strategic partnerships, your connections in Rotary…even your website!  This year’s Advisor Conference will focus on helping you determine what your power growth channel is, and how you can take it from a “6” or a “7” all the way to a perfect “10.”  Each of our guest speakers will share new tactics and ideas for each of the various channels so you can become the absolute best advisor in that area you can be.

For example, if you received 10 referrals last year, you’ll learn the single most important thing you can do to get 20.  If you raised $15M in seminars, you’ll learn the best tweaks you can make to get $30M.

This year we’re excited to bring AdvisorCon to Charleston, South Carolina! We’ve booked an amazing venue and are now confirming speakers. Stay tuned for this year’s agenda as we put the final details together. But don’t wait to reserve your spot, because for a limited time, you can save up to 40% by purchasing Early Bird Tickets now!

This is the only conference where your peers share their tried-and-tested solutions to industry problems.  You’ll leave knowing that what your competitors thought couldn’t be done, can be done…plus exactly how to do it.

AdvisorCon is where the best FAs share their best practices for being the best advisor you can be.  We can't wait to see you there!

The entire conference is an investment in your practice and growth. Time well-spent!


I walked away with pages of notes on actionable steps to grow.


Every single speaker delivered something I can use today to grow my practice right now.


Your Conference Location

Best Practices on the Beach

Just 10 minutes away from “Old Town” Charleston, AdvisorCon will be held at the award winning Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. Combine fine dining, ocean breezes, and beautiful sunsets, and you’ll enjoy not only an incredible conference, but a luxury getaway for the weekend! 

What's Included

Book with Sky High Travel for a reduced room rate, which includes breakfast and the resort fee. All attendees will receive lunch (both days) and our networking cocktail party as part of their ticket purchase. 


To be clear, these are not paid speakers, vendors, or gurus who speak for a living. These are advisors just like you. 

Each year we invite speakers who are masters in marketing and growth. They have doubled, tripled, and even in some cases quadrupled their business – all over a short period of time. In the months leading up to AdvisorCon, we work with them to develop their successful actions into an action plan YOU can use. Full topics and speakers are coming soon! 

Coming Soon
Ed Blumenthal
Coming Soon

We are working to confirm
more details.

A New Way to
Find the Money
Tom Vaughan
Using technology to find and capture more client assets than ever!
Advanced Seminar
Chad Henry
Chad Henry
A 3-hour interactive seminar on seminars co-hosted with Bill Good
The Red Carpet Sales Experience
Ray Dunlap
Advanced tactics to convert prospects into clients
Doing Well
by Doing Good
Barbara Hudock
Using events and community service to get HNW introductions
Triple Double
Part II
Bryan Sarff
Getting the best professionals to send you their best clients
Coming Soon

We are working to confirm more speakers soon!

The Red Carpet Sales Experience​

Advanced Tactics to Convert Prospects into Clients​

Whatever your power channel is, you must convert your prospects into clients.  Which means you must know how to sell.  Few advisors have made more strides in this area than Ray Dunlap.

While most advisors have a sales presentation, Ray has gone a step further: He’s created an entire sales experience.  Before a prospect even meets with Ray, he blows them out of the water with a very special book.  A book that all but guarantees prospects will set appointments with him

At AdvisorCon, Ray will show you exactly how this amazing book works, and how you can create your own.  (And guess what?  Ray will even bring some copies of the book to share!)

Then, Ray will take you through the rest of his revamped sales experience, including:

  • Why slowing down your sales process can make all the difference
  • How to position yourself as the prospect’s problem-solver, so they already think of you as their advisor before they even close.  
  • The secret to preventing prospects from “going dark” between the first and second appointment
  • How Ray has modernized his “90 Day No Contact” process
  • How to go the extra mile when meeting with prospects so you stand out from your competitors.  

When you see what Ray has done, you’ll realize that most of your competitors are positioning themselves as the “Holiday Inn” of financial advisors.  Ray will show you how to be your area’s “Ritz Carlton.”

Advanced Seminar Workshop

A 3 Hour Interactive Seminar on Seminars

To help us run this workshop, we went to the best in the business: Chad Henry.  In this special session – which is included in the price of your ticket – Chad and Bill will deliver an interactive “seminar on seminars”, where we will show you:

  • How to develop a fool-proof seminar invitation from scratch, or turn a “decent” third-party invitation into a GREAT invitation.   
  • The science of a superstar seminar presentation. 
    • How do you choose the BEST topic possible?  
    • What do you, as the advisor, need to know to demonstrate your expertise? 
    • How do you deliver a presentation that both disturbs and enlightens?  (This is so important!)   
    • What information do your attendees need to know that will make them line up for an appointment with you? 
  • The little details and “miniature” best practices even successful seminar producers miss that will transform your seminar from “good” to “world-class.” 

Chad Henry

Chad Henry has used seminars to grow his business more consistently than any advisor we know.  The material in this workshop is DIFFERENT from that covered in the Chad Henry Masterclass

Doing Well By Doing Good

Using events and community service to get HNW introductions.

In her presentation, you will learn: 

  • How to put on events that benefit your community, not just yourself. (This makes ALL the difference when it comes to getting HNW individuals to attend!)  
  • How to target specific HNW groups with events they just can’t say no to!
  • Which types of events work, and which types you shouldn’t waste your money on.
  • How to use your team to make event management simpler and less time-consuming.
  • What you need to know to get your clients to bring their friends and family to your events.  

Plus, Barbara will share her actual 2020 event calendar with you!

Introductions are a ridiculously powerful way to grow your business when you have a system for getting them.  Barbara has developed an unparalleled system.  So whether you do one grand event per year or twenty smaller ones, Barbara will show you how to do the most good with them – so they can do the most good for you.

Barbara Hudock

Barbara is nothing less than one of the finest relationship marketers in the industry.  Her credentials, of course, are impeccable.  Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors.  Barron’s Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors.  You get the idea. 

Barbara is passionate about serving her community, which led to a startling discovery: The more good she did for people (without any thought of reward), the more business she generated for herself – to the point where she now has over $500M in AUM

Triple-Double, Part II

Getting the best professionals to send you their best clients.

Question: Where are the absolute BEST prospects in your area? 

Answer: They’re meeting with that CPA down the street, or the attorneys in the office upstairs. 

When all is said and done, there may be no better way to build your business than through strategic partners.  That’s because a good strategic partner will send you their best clients.  What do I mean by best?  I mean the most qualified.  The easiest to close.  The most well-connected.  Those are the kinds of prospects you want, aren’t they?

When you’re in the process of accelerating your growth, you need to periodically assess what’s working, what’s not, and how to maximize the former and fix the latter.  Bryan is the perfect example of an advisor who has raised the limits of what’s possible for himself.

Bryan Sarf

Bryan Sarff is fast becoming one of the top advisors using the Bill Good Marketing System.  It’s a big part of why he’s on track to achieving a triple-double (that’s three doubles in a row) by 2024. 

At our Advisor Conference in Nashville last year, Bryan laid out his plan to go from $78M to $624M by 2024.  We asked him to come back so he could update you on his progress (it’s amazing), brief you on what he’s learned (it’s eye-opening), and best of all, show you the most important things you can do to get the best professionals in your area to refer their best clients to you


A New Way to Find the Money

Using technology to find and capture more client assets than ever!​

For decades, we have coached financial advisors to run the Find the Money Campaign on their clients. Most run it year after year, and it’s not uncommon to find $10M or more in out-of-house assets.

Tom Vaughan has taken the Find the Money concept, modernized it, combined it with a key piece of technology, and found a lot more than $10M. Or $20M. Or $50M. Or even $100M. He found $153 million.


In his presentation, you will learn: 

  • Tom’s asset aggregation tool and how he uses it both find assets and capture them easily during client reviews.   
  • How to structure your client reviews so that people want to hand you their out-of-house assets.   
  • The 15 questions Tom asks that makes clients squirm – and why that’s critical when it comes to capturing outside assets.  (Hint: How you talk about risk is a big factor.)   
  • The key pieces of Tom’s technology stack, and why ignoring them means you’re probably leaving money on the table. 
  • And more!

Tom Vaughan's 2019 Stats

$153M assets found (!!!)
$43M assets already closed (!!)
$40M more assets in the pipeline (!)

By the end of this year, Tom will have brought in over $80M in new client assets.  And the rest, he expects, will move under his management over the next few years as they become available. 


This single-track conference will cover two full days, giving you plenty of time to enjoy Charleston over the weekend. There will be plenty of time scheduled for networking and socializing, too. Bookmark this page, because the full agenda is coming soon!

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AdvisorCon 2019 Highlights

A Few Words from AdvisorCon 2019 Attendees

This is the conference I attend to stay 3 years ahead of the industry...and my competitors.


The reason I keep going to AdvisorCon is the new ideas. It's a "can't-miss" event each year.


Every speaker is terrific. I can't imagine a better way to spend two days.


Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina


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