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AdvisorCon 2021 Speakers

The Speakers

Today's Innovators & Top Producers

Hear some of the brightest minds from inside and outside the industry. From our keynotes to our breakout session speakers, we want everyone on your team to walk away with inspiring and actionable takeaways on how to take your firm to the next level.

Bill Good

Conference Host
Bill Good is the founder and chairman of Bill Good Marketing.

His latest book, “Hot Prospects,” is No. 88 on the 96 Best Prospecting Books of All Time list and is available on Amazon.

He created the Bill Good Marketing System and has been named one of the industry’s top five coaches.

Bill has been coaching some of the most successful financial advisors for 40+ years.

Frantz Widmaier

Conference Host
Frantz Widmaier is the CEO of Bill Good Marketing and the Senior Product Manager of Gorilla 5 growth and practice management CRM for Financial Advisors.

With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and product development, Frantz has helped small businesses grow from startup to scale-up phases.

As the senior executive at Bill Good Marketing, he and his team are in the process of creating the next 40 years of service to the Wealth Management industry.

Barbara Hudock

The Good Way to Grow
Barbara is passionate about serving her community, which led to a startling discovery: The more good she did for people, the more business she generated for herself.

Barbara began 2020 with $500M in AUM.

Nineteen months later, she has $730M in assets under management.

$230M in just over a year-and-a-half.

The first step to building the perfect sales pipeline is to fill it with high-quality prospects. That’s what Barbara will show you how to do.

John Halterman

Outside-of-the-Box Prospecting
John is a true master of alternative prospecting. John has elevated his clients’ experience to a whole new level, and that has created some raving fans.

In fact, year-to-date, John and his team have received 15 referrals and introductions. That, along with new assets from existing clients, has helped the team grow by $30M so far this year.

Now, you have more channels of prospecting open to you than ever before. At this year’s virtual AdvisorCon, you will learn how to make alternative channels such as Video, Events and TIPPING work for you.

Rob Kremer

Prospecting the Next Generation
With 900+ households and over $500M in AUM, Rob is certainly one of the top FAs on the Bill Good Marketing System.

He’s also the best in the business at building the brand we call the Family Financial Advisor. Becoming the Family Financial Advisor is one of the biggest investments you can make in your own practice. It leads to money now and money later.

Rob Kremer has mastered this process. When we spoke to him earlier in the summer, we asked, “How often do you lose an inheritance?”

His answer: “Almost never.” In many cases, he’s the Family Advisor for up to five generations of clients.

Jeff Concepcion

Mergers & Acquisitions
Jeff Concepcion is the founder and CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners.

Over the course of his career, he has purchased dozens of books. As a result, he knows everything there is to know about how to grow your business through this approach.

According to Jeff, “Almost every advisor in the industry should combine organic and inorganic growth strategies. Buying a book of business is now easier and more effective than ever.” .

Peter Boronkay

Mergers & Acquisitions
Peter Boronkay is an advisor and author based in Vancouver, Canada.

Early in his career, Peter decided that he didn’t want to grow his business the traditional way. Instead, he wanted to go the direct route: Grow his own book by purchasing others.

Since then, he’s bought three books, and has several more deals in the works. On this panel, Peter will show you how to approach buying a book like you would any prospecting campaign: By identifying qualified advisor prospects, building a relationship with them, and then closing them when they’re ready.

Marc Spiegel

Mergers & Acquisitions
Marc is a long-time Gorilla and the head of an OSJ in southern California. As one of the premier advisors in his area, Marc never felt a need to go looking for other books to buy.

Instead, other books found him. Over the course of 18 months, Marc has purchased and integrated two very different books of business. Both essentially “fell into his lap”, in that their owners were retiring and needed an experienced, trustworthy successor to care for their clients.

Marc’s story is exactly why this panel is so important. Even if buying a new book of business isn’t in your plans right now, the fact is that you will likely be an attractive buyer for an advisor who is retiring.

Justin Cramer

The New Seminar Success Zone
In 2020, Justin brought in $27M in assets from seminars during a pandemic. And when you crunch the numbers, it was really $27M in just five months – because like everyone else, Justin didn’t hold any events for the first half of the year.

So far in 2021, Justin has brought in $16M from seminars. By the end of the year, he expects to have brought in around $25M.

Justin is going to share his system with you. A system that will help you overcome the variables of plate lickers, audience interest, and even subpar speaking skills.

Misha Schryer

The Webinar Success Zone
Since the pandemic began, webinars have become one of the most exciting prospecting channels around...and few do them better than Misha Schryer.

She not only averages a 75% attendance rate. Approximately 75% of her attendees become clients!

At AdvisorCon, she will show you the topics that attract guests, how to structure your webinar for maximum engagement, and what she offers to get prospects to set post-webinar appointments.

Mark Trice

The Webinar Success Zone
ClearVista Financial
Any new prospecting campaign requires TESTING to determine what works and what doesn't. When it comes to webinars, few advisors have done more testing than Mark Trice. At AdvisorCon, he'll reveal the results of his experiments to you.

He will demonstrate how he uses Facebook and LinkedIn to fill his webinars with prospects, the presentation tips and tricks that create a higher quality experience for attendees, and how webinars can generate an unbelievable ROI! (Mark estimates he gets in front of an average of 20 prospects for each webinar, at a cost of only $50 per event!)

Brian Uhlinger

Closing Skills & Best Practices
Wells Fargo Advisors
One of the top concerns we hear from financial advisors is fee compression and the ongoing "race to the bottom" as FAs struggle to compete against each other and against discount brokers.

With $270M in AUM and a 90% close rate, Brian Uhlinger is one of the top salesmen on the BGM System.

Brian will reveal how you can actually use this phenomenon to your advantage when selling to prospects. Using his "Anatomy of a Fee" presentation, he'll show how to have a conversation about price with prospects right up front, and how to position your fees to demonstrate added value.

Craig Murphey

Closing Skills & Best Practices
Stifel – Murphey Financial Group
Craig specializes in 401(k) rollovers, especially with affluent blue collar workers who may start out with $150K in assets but end up with half a million by the time they retiree.

Craig is an expert at closing on these rollovers, because he has done something most advisors don't take the time to do: Figure out the language prospects want to hear that gets them to make a change instead of staying with the status quo. (The result? A 99% closing ratio.)

Craig will share his profiling questions, educational explanations, and closing lines - down to the exact words he uses - that gets prospects to see him as their trusted advisor.

Matt Halloran

Podcasting Your Way To Sales Success
32M in new assets in 24 months.
That’s how much the top advisors are making from this prospecting channel, according to the man who is helping them do it.

Matt got started in the financial services industry over 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach. As he became immersed in his clients’ biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert.

Over the last several years, he has added podcasting to that list. Now, Matt specializes in helping financial advisors launch and produce their podcasts, creating strong brands that resonate with clients, prospects, and centers of influence.

Heather Noyes

Branding Your Way to a Perfect Pipeline
Heather is the head of CompassPoint Wealth Management Group in Panama City, Florida. She’s a master at branding herself as an expert advisor – which is probably why she’s received 47 referrals from January to July alone! (She gets, on average, three referrals per week, with a 99% appointment set rate. Talk about a great pipeline!)

One of Heather’s specialties is communication. She uses multiple communication channels on a weekly basis to keep clients and prospects continually educated…and her name at the forefront of their minds. She’s one of the top FAs on the System at running webinars, and her Monthly Drip is absolutely first class.

Scott Ferguson

Branding Your Way to a Perfect Pipeline
Scott is a partner in a $500M practice based in Columbus, Mississippi. He’s also an expert at spreading his trusted advisor brand through word of mouth.

The first thing you should know about Scott is that he’ll take any account regardless of size. In fact, earlier this summer, he took on an account worth $250. You read that right. $250! Why does he do this? Because these little accounts are often the source of his biggest referrals. Example: One client worth $7M was referred by an older client worth $200K!

As a result, Scott is known throughout the community as someone who will take care of you, regardless of your size or situation.

Jenny Widmaier

Branding Your Way to a Perfect Pipeline
Jenny is our Senior VP of Administration here at Bill Good Marketing, but she’s essentially held every position possible over the years! Other than the Bill himself, no one is more familiar with our company’s own trusted advisor brand – because she helped create it!

For decades, Bill Good Marketing has taught that being seen as a Good Citizen is an enormous boost to your brand. At AdvisorCon, Jenny will show you how BGM has built our own Good Citizen identity.

Spencer Hicken

What's Working Now
Through the years, Spencer has worked closely with over 150 advisors in various roles in the company; helping them implement best practices and reach their goals.

As a Senior Coach and On-Site Consultant, Spencer has been able to help each one of his clients grow their business and replicate what the top financial advisors are doing right now!

In his spare time, Spencer is a very active member of B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse). The group has given him the nickname of "Chef" because he can grill, smoke, bake and cook with the best of them. He also loves enjoying the outdoors with his wife and daughter.

Mary Lee

What's Working Now
Mary has been with BGM for over a year and a half. With 5 years of marketing experience, she joined BGM filling the Marketing Manager role. With a desire to be more hands-on in her work, she has since transitioned to a Senior Coach and Onsite Consultant.

She loves problem solving and finding new approaches to marketing problems. She has an extensive knowledge of seminars, direct mail, and the sales pipeline. Mary is excited to be helping advisors fulfill their dreams and reach their goals.

When Mary isn't working, she loves spending time with her husband, 3 dogs and being involved in her local theatre.

Logan Young

What's Working Now
Logan has been with BGM as a coach for years now, and has been able to help over 100 advisors overcome their everyday struggles. Through branding, client awareness, and events Logan has been able to help each of his clients grow their practice and implement the perfect pipeline.

He loves working with clients, and has really enjoyed the challenge of working with teams to differentiate themselves and find ways to effectively help their clients. In his spare time, he enjoys working on and riding his electric bike and hiking with his friends and standard poodle.

Matt Hicken

Conference Host
Matt Hicken, AAMS® our current Sr. VP of Client Success is no stranger to what it takes to grow a financial practice. For almost 14 years, Matt worked in the industry as a marketing director and COO of a thriving practice.

It was through effective planning and coordination that the team was able to set their big dream goal early in 2008 and reach it by 2020 - a double of production three different times!

In fact, before returning to Bill Good Marketing last year, Matt and his team went from $25M to $550M in only ten years!

Matthew Bailey

Conference Host
Matthew Bailey started at Bill Good Marketing in 2007 before becoming Head Writer and Director of Client Content in 2012. At BGM, Matthew is responsible for writing the majority of content for our 4000+ piece Letters Library.

He loves unlocking the power of words to help you do what you do best: Serving your clients. Outside the office, he is a published author, having sold multiple short stories to various magazines.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing five different instruments (the saxophone first and foremost), stargazing, chess, and visiting national parks with his wife and three sons.

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