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Best Practices for the Thriving Financial Advisor


The Best Way to do Things

What distinguishes the most successful advisors from the rest?

The answer: the most successful advisors implement the most “best practices.” Best practices are what separate the wheat from the chaff.

There’s an easy way to find out if you’re the wheat or the chaff. I call it the Thriving Advisor Test, and you can take it in 30 seconds.

Are You a Thriving Advisor?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  Your Answer Thriving

On average, how many quality leads do you generate per month?

? 10-15

On average, how many new referrals do you get per month?

? 2-3

On average, how many personal introductions to client friends & family do you get per month?

? 3-4

On average, how many prospects do you get from other sources per month?

? 5-8

How many sources of prospects do you have?

? 3-4

What is your closing ratio?

? 30% over 90 days, 50% over 12-18 months

On average, how much in new assets do you get from clients per month?

? $300,000- 500,000

How many client/guest events do you hold per year?

? 20-30

On average, how many hours a week do you spend meeting with clients and prospects?

? 10-15

How often do you communicate with your clients and prospects per year? (Includes meetings, phone calls, letters, and emails)

? 20-30

If you aren’t hitting one or more of these key stats, it’s probably because you are not yet implementing enough Best Practices.

There are at least 7 categories of Best Practices:

  1. Invest Wisely
  2. Prospect Constantly
  3. Manage Sales Pipeline
  4. Control Time Allocation
  5. Present Ideas Persuasively
  6. Become or remain the sole provider for all clients who follow advice
  7. Delegate all or most non-sales functions.

Over the course of my career, I’ve identified hundreds of best practices used by the most successful financial advisors. But the fact there are so many is a problem. No sooner do you deploy one than you forget another.

That’s why I’m giving you some free resources to help you implement more Best Practices. In my opinion, the best way to deploy Best Practices is to use checklists. That’s why you should start by reading my article, “The Checklist Solution.”

The second thing you should do is read my special white paper, “Best Practices for the Thriving Financial Advisor.” It explains what exactly Best Practices are, why they work, and even gives you 6 free ones to start with.




You can find both these documents under the “Downloads” section on the right. I do ask that you register first. It’s quick, and it’s free.

Finally, I have a lot more information on Best Practices throughout this site. Just click on the links above to learn more about the various categories of Best Practices.

Bill Good Marketing – The one Marketing System built on over 200 best practices

My System is exactly that: a system. That means it combines many elements into a single unit. More specifically, the Bill Good Marketing System is a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting and practice management system…and it’s comprised of over 200 best practices.

You read that right: 200 best practices! That number spans everything you need to generate and close more prospects, build a team, save time and money, and take your client relationships to the next level. Our System also contains all the tools and resources you need to implement those best practices, including:

  • Over 4,000 client and prospect messages
  • Over a dozen Client Marketing and Prospecting strategies
  • 8 Client Marketing Campaigns (for finding new money, generating referrals, or simply building goodwill)
  • 14 Prospecting Campaigns for generating new prospects
  • Dozens of Practice Management Checklists for making your business simpler and more efficient
  • Personalized coaching
  • And much more!

So ask yourself:

Do you want to be implementing more best practices? Do you want to pass the Thriving Financial Advisor Test?







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