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The Good Way to Sell is a series of 4 classes taught by Bill Good himself. These classes  (outlined below)  are an hour a week, and usually $12,500;  but for the first THREE teams to sign up, we are offering this course remotely, and at only $2,500.

Day 1: Discovery

The Architecture of Selling Advice

  • Understand the Sales Process.
  • Establish a proper environment.
  • Strengthen Your Brand with Proper Credentials.
  • Establish Closing Momentum.


The Master Profiles

The most powerful selling tool you will ever use is profiling.


We have developed 32 profiles. These enable you to find out for certain what your client wants to achieve and what’s holding them back.


With these two things known, you can then craft a winning proposal.


Create a Penetrating Discovery Interview

The Discovery Interview is not just asking questions. It’s how you frame your questions, how you ask, and how you respond that makes the Discovery Interview the centerpiece of your sales process.

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to Use a Written Questionnaire.
  • Questions that bite.
  • The Dialogue.
          o Bridge to Questionnaire
          o Present Credentials
          o Orient and Get Agreement
  • The Second Most Important Rule in Selling.
  • The Homework Close: Setting the Second Appointment.

Day 2: The Sales Proposal


Analyze the Data


Learn a step-by-step process to analyze the data gathered in the Discovery Meeting. 


Prepare Recommendations


A major reason sales presentations fail is that they are so complex clients cannot understand them. This guarantees the dreaded response, “We need to think about it.”


In this module, you will learn:

  • How our six-page proposal template establishes closing momentum.
  • How to present the proposal.
  • How to answer the unique questions that always seem to be asked right about time for the close. 



Prepare educational material to prevent,
“We need to think about it.”


One of the reasons clients want to “think about it” is that they do not understand the concepts and terminology necessary to decide.

So we are going to learn:

  • How to use Google Advanced Search to find Educational Material.
  • Educational Resources No Compliance Officer Can Resist.
  • How to use certain portions of your financial plan. (Hint: some parts should never be presented to the client.)

Day 3: The Sales Process


 The First and Last Rule in Investor Education

Why Do you Need a White Board or Flip Chart?

Setting up for Education 


Present Recommendations

Control the Space

How to Present

Trial Closes


Question Answering-
Your Second Most Powerful Tool

In this vital section, you will learn how proper question answering technique tells you when to close.

Day 4: Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale

 Paperwork Close

ABC Close

Secondary Question Close 



The sale is not made until the new client is comfortably part of your practice.

In this section, we will cover the steps necessary to create a ‘WOW’ experience, which in turn produces lots of referrals from new clients.

Call Lisa Rees at 888-495-7303 to set up a time to speak with Bill Good.


Bill Good

Founder and Chairman of Bill Good marketing


Since 1977, Bill has been a well-recognized figure in the financial services industry, where he is known for his innovative marketing programs.

Fresh out of college, Bill was a statistical analyst in New York with Alan Greenspan, now Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He later worked as a news reporter and editorial researcher for the publisher of Barron’s.

In 1977 he started Telephone Marketing Associates, the forerunner of Telephone Marketing, Inc., which later became Bill Good Marketing, His original start-up capital was $1,000.

In October 1978, Bill landed an account with E.F. Hutton in Southern California; where he trained new account executives, fresh from corporate training in New York, on how to get new business.

The program was a huge success, and from October 1978 until June of 1980, where he trained brokers across the United States, he continued to research the marketing and selling process in the securities industry, making improvements and refinements to the original Hutton program.

All this research led to the development of a series of seminars. By 1982, he and four seminar presenters he had personally trained were delivering more than 400 seminars a year nationwide.

That same year, he wrote the first of a series of articles in Registered Representative, a major trade publication from retail stockbrokers. Due to its popularity, the series turned into a monthly column. He is now a featured columnist for Research Magazine, and by a survey of the magazine’s readers, it’s the section “of the magazine’s most brokers turn to first.”

Bill Good Marketing now produces the Bill Good Marketing System®. The System is the top-selling marketing system with upper-end professionals in the financial services industry. 

Don’t let those expensive prospects wander into your competitor’s back yard. Learn the Good Way to Sell and start closing a higher percentage.

Call Lisa Rees at 888-495-7303 to set up a time to speak with Bill Good.

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