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Message Planning Session with the Head Gorilla!

Bill Good Marketing has been helping financial advisors grow their businesses for over 40 years. In that time we’ve developed a strategic framework that can help any advisor double their business in just a few short years.

We’ve had clients double two, three and even four times over the years of working with us. 

Each and every one of those doubles started with our growth plan. Whether you are an RIA, or working with a broker dealer, just getting started or have decades of service under your belt our two year plan can put you on the path to new growth.

A Truly Personalized Plan

This is not a boiler-plate plan, but one tailored to you and your practice. We’ve worked with 1000’s of advisors across the spectrum of companies.

We know the complexities of both sides and compliance. We will factor in everything from your likes and dislikes to the speed at which you’re prepared to move.

What Will A Message Plan Do For You?

Part of our “Client Relationship Retention Formula” states,

“Send every client a letter every month about something they are likely to be interested in. “

Bill first formulated this in 1989 and we have seen no reason whatsoever to modify it in any way. Especially because it gets results.

Yes, we have added emails and social media. But the core of “Monthly Drip” is a physical letter with the specific type of stamp.

Client mailings were the start of Monthly Drip.

Not too long after we started mailing to clients, someone asked, “What do we do with prospects?” Bill’s reply, a few days later, was, “Let’s treat prospects like clients, and they will become clients.”

Vast experience since then has proven that to be true.

Why letters, not email?

Because people that follow the Head Gorilla’s advice enjoy more referrals, less work, easier-to-close prospects, better branding, and less selling. We have covered all of this many, many times.

And our Message Plan Process is how we make this noble idea happen every month. Without fail.

What's the Process?

Here’s how the Head Gorilla will create your custom Message Plan.


1) He will do a quick physical exam of the business. What does your market look like? What are you trying to accomplish? How many clients do you have? Prospects? Connections?

2) Then you’ll pick off the easy letters first. He will show you several choices for Christmas, Memorial Day, July 4, and Thanksgiving. You’ll tell him which one you like best. 

He will drop a link to that choice in your Message Plan. For each letter, you will work out the exact schedule that it needs to be sent, first to compliance, and then to your prospects and clients.

3) With the low-hanging fruit pruned off, you still have to work out eight months of letters for clients. That’s where you will tell him what events you want to do. The planning on this can be a little tricky. Let’s say you want to invite all clients within easy driving distance to a Shredding Event a few weeks after Tax Day.

You probably have some clients who are not in easy driving distance. So to meet the commandment of Client Retention – that every client receives a letter every month – we need to plan something for the category that we call “Everyone Else.”

4) Now we are down to six letters left to plan. January should now (and always) be the “The Year In Review.”

5) So let’s now take these remaining five months and fill them with letters designed to generate business now, promote referrals, and educate your clients and prospects. Exactly which of these categories he will recommend will depend upon you and what you want to do.

That takes care of clients, at least for this year. Now you and he will work on a plan for prospects. It certainly can and should be similar to your client plan. You will probably want more branding and less feel-good. And the Head Gorilla will work that out in conjunction with you and your objectives.

7) If you also have social connections, it’s vital to deploy the correct campaign for that. So, he will spend some time talking about the nature of your relationships to your connections and make certain that will work for your connections. Then, it’s just a question of coming up with a dozen letters out of some very deep campaign libraries.

The Joys of a Message Plan

Let’s suppose you have spent an hour or two with the Head Gorilla developing your plan. You are wrapping up a busy Christmas season. And for a fleeting second, you wonder, “What am I going to do for Monthly Drip in January?”

Then you remember you have a plan.

Then you check with the team member responsible for getting out the mail, “How are we coming on January’s plan?” The answer should be something like, “We are ready to go. Compliance has done its thing.” And you go back to doing your job, and we will continue to do ours.

If you are looking to get back on the full system, click here to schedule a call.

We look forward to seeing you back in our jungle!

The best time to get started is today, to be ready for tomorrow.
If you decide you’d like help putting this plan into action, we can help with that too.


Meet J.S.

He’s been dripping on a lady, who is the best friend of his largest client, for 9 years.

He started a weekly market commentary email during covid.

He reached out to her because he sees that she always opens his emails.

He called her to check in and she told him that she wasn’t happy with her current advisor and has been meaning to reach out to him.

They set an appointment last week, he analyzed her current account, and this week she gave the ok to become a client. She brought over 1.7 million.

Meet D.L.

A Gorilla of 22 years, has been solely running the Retirement Mistakes Campaign every six months.

They grew last year by 25%, and this year they have grown 35% already! They have more than 100 prospects they are dripping on and have so many in the pipeline that they now need help with follow-up.

Thanks for your loyalty, D.L., and congrats on the success with the Retirement Mistakes Campaign. That amount of growth also requires that you keep what you have, so kudos for your great service and client retention, too!

To all the Gorillas out there wanting to know what’s working for developing new clients, Direct Mail still works when done right. 
If you’re not familiar with the Retirement Mistakes Campaign, check it out here.

And let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help you get it started!

Interested? Call us at 1-888-495-7303

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