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Bill Good Marketing Welcomes Cambridge Advisors


Why work with us?

Are you ready to grow faster, generate more referrals and have a more streamlined practice?

Thousands of other advisors over the last 40 years have done just that.

Founded by Bill Good, Bill Good Marketing has been on the forefront of innovation since 1977.

We are a software driven,  wealth management growth system that enables you to bring in new money, generate more referrals, automatically engage your clients, and build an efficient practice.

Through technology platforms (Redtail, Gorilla, Salesforce), we help you implement and automate timeless, field-tested best practices to help you grow your business.

Our system includes everything you need to build faster, retain clients longer, and develop an efficient team. This is how we do it:

This is how we do it

1. We learn more about what you want to accomplish.

2. We evaluate your current CRM and Marketing capabilities.

3. We build a strategy around your strengths and shore up your weaknesses.

4. As we guide you through this strategy plan, we train your staff in the 123 best practices that ensure growth.

5. We work with you on a weekly basis to get more and more of your customized plan into action.

6. Before you know it, your hard work pays off and you see the real results.

This process realistically takes 2-3 years, but if you follow the plan, we can help you double your current production.

So is it time to accomplish your goals? 

We have teamed up with Cambridge to make it more affordable for you to get started on our system.

So if you’re ready to see what your life could be like if you had more time and more money, give us a call at 888.495.7303. Ask for Taylor Wilson. 

And let's get on with building your future.

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