Chad Henry Masterclass. Accelerate your growth in 2018

Chad Henry Masterclass

asterclass with Chad Henry

A seminar & sales class for advisors who want to achieve faster growth than ever before!

You know Chad Henry. He’s a legendary Gorilla who has spoken at multiple Users’ Conferences in the past. He routinely closes High Net Worth prospects in just one meeting. And if there’s a better seminar producer in the industry, I haven’t met him yet. (He brought $30M in new assets from seminars alone in 2017.)

Now, he's willing to share his strategies with you.
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What attendees are saying about the Chad Henry Masterclass

"Just had my first event since Masterclass. 30 people showed up, representing 17 buying units. Assets in the room: Approximately $10 million. 70% requested an appt. We also had 16 people on the waiting list. And this was just the first event!"
"This class was awesome! There is so much more info than just putting on the seminar. Come ready to learn how a professional practice should be run. The strategies Chad teaches will truly differentiate
your practice."

Our exclusive class gives you every single tool, trick and material Chad uses to deliver his $30,000,000 a year seminar. The class is exclusive and delivered to a small batch of advisors to ensure that you get the facts and can implement them when you go back home.


Q: How many seminars does Chad do every year?

A: 22

Q: What is the average cost per seminar?

A: $3450

Q: What are his new assets from seminars in 2017?

A: $30,000,000

Q: Total new assets in 2017?

A: $40,000,000

What you get

  • Attend one of Chad's actual seminars in St Charles
  • Get the actual invitation Chad uses to attract people to his seminars
  • Get Chad’s actual seminar presentation and learn how he gets 70% - 80% of seminar attendees to request an appointment
  • A copy of Chad’s entire seminar manual, including his invitations, scripts, follow-up letters, and even a recording of Chad’s seminar presentation!
  • Chad’s seminar attendance confirmation procedures
  • The process Chad uses to set appointments and get people to come meet with him

What you learn

  • How he attracts HNW prospects to his seminars. (Chad estimates that 90% of his attendees have at least $500,000 in investable assets, and many have more than $1 million.)
  • His step-by-step process for getting those HNW prospects to set appointments;
  • His exact method for closing prospects in the first appointment
  • Find out how those that don’t request an appointment later become Chad’s clients
  • Hands on coaching on how to deliver the seminar and close your prospects.
  • Examine topics for your seminar that motivate people to attend
  • Find out how to choose the most profitable location for your seminar
  • Find out how to best utilize your team so you can focus on your presentation and your appointments
  • Discover how to organize your seminar for best results. When to serve the meal? When to make your presentation?

More client successes from last the Chad Henry Masterclass!

"I have just started using Chad's 'sales book' strategy. Picked up $380,000. It worked great!"
"Seminars scheduled for this week and next. 100% booked with a waiting list!"
"Picked up $300,000 tonight after using Chad's sales book strategy. This works!"
"If you want to hold seminars, close more prospects, or simply want more business in general, I have just one word to say to you:


Give yourself the tools you need to grow your business in 2018.

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