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Christmas 2022 Market Update

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Omicron & The Market Grinch

Sending letters is the most powerful way to deepen your relationship with your clients and prospects. Sending letters that show you care creates a bond, even with strangers.

It is our business to write these letters for advisors. We provide content that gets results. There are many types of letters, for many types of situations. From the birth of a grandchild, to the drop of the market, to the shenanigans of political maneuvers.

This part of the Bill Good Marketing System helps advisors achieve exceptional growth. Normally, these powerful letters are only given to those advisors who work with us.

However, every so often there is a moment where we feel strongly about sharing one of our letters free of charge.

This is one of those moments.

The Grinch is trying a new trick this year. Instead of dressing up like Santa Claus and stealing presents, he’s decided to leave a little market volatility under the tree for each of us instead.

As you know, the Dow dropped 532 points on Friday, then slid another 433 points today. The S&P 500, NASDAQ, and other indices have experienced similar declines. With Christmas just around the corner, the last thing you want is for market fear to outweigh holiday cheer, so it’s time to do one last round (hopefully) of handholding in 2021.

To help, we’ve released a new handholding message.

This message explains how the new variant is driving pre-Christmas volatility. But it also explains why that shouldn’t ruin the holiday season – because we now have both experience and a tried-and-tested playbook for dealing with it.

This is a good way to provide comfort and peace of mind for your clients, so they can go back to focusing on wrapping Christmas presents and hanging stockings with care.

Because Christmas is just days away, we recommend sending this as an email instead of a letter. (Although you can certainly send both if you want!)

Send this out to both clients and prospects! Select strategic partners and connections should also receive a copy.

And, as always, we have both a Buy-and-Hold version and a Technical Analysis version for you to choose from.

Happy Holiday Handholding from everyone at Bill Good Marketing!

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