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Helping Advisors build longer lasting, more profitable relationships

Client Marketing - The Key to Organic Growth

The System contains numerous client marketing strategies, processes, and campaigns designed to help you retain and engage your clients. As you can see, our client marketing content can also help you grow your business by finding more assets in your book.

I just got out of the hospital. While I was there, my staff ran the Bill Good Marketing “Find the Money” campaign. Even during all this, I still found an additional $2.5 million in assets from my hospital bed! There are lots of advisors who like to claim that there’s no more money out there, that they already have everything and there’s nothing to find. My response? If I can find over 2 million when I couldn’t walk and couldn’t talk, other advisors shouldn’t have any excuse! I don’t believe I would have gotten this account if it weren’t for the BGM Find the Money campaign!
Van O. – Pennsylvania
I finally started using the BGM “90 Day No Contact” script. Over the past few weeks, I’ve set several appointments, have found upwards of $5 million in outside assets, and am in the process of bringing in around $3 million of that under management.
Jeff B. – Indiana


We are up about $18 million in new assets for the year. The “Find the Money” campaign has opened up lines of dialogue with my clients. We have found a lot of money in new assets. It’s also led to a lot more referrals. The System basically just runs itself at this point!
Scott F. – New York​

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