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Prospecting the Good Way

With dozens of prospecting campaigns and strategies, the Bill Good Marketing System can help you generate, develop, and close more prospects then ever before. Here are a few recent prospecting-related successes other advisors have achieved through the use of our System.

We have just spent $3,500 on mailings running [one of your] prospecting campaigns. We brought in over $1,000,000 in new money!
Steve Robbins – Missouri
I recently followed some of Bill’s suggestions and have made the following changes to my process: Utilized the Bill Good Marketing brochure template. Used the Bill Good Marketing “Profile Process”. Changed how I communicate with prospects. Used the Bill Good Marketing “Proposal Template” to present recommendations. Since making the adjustments, I have closed 5 new clients in the last few weeks, for a total of $2.5 million in new business. We also have a few prospects that will likely become clients after the holidays. These new clients are a direct result of taking Bill’s recommendations.
Selling Advice
Marcel Morin – Virginia


I signed up for the Bill Good Marketing System at the end of September 2016. What really sold me was that Bill had developed the ability to manage multiple seminars. I have built my entire business on seminars. But I had a big problem. My response rate had fallen to .12%. That’s right. I sent out 10,000 invitations. 12 people responded. Bill said, “Send me your invitation.” I did. He analyzed every part of it. His conclusion: You need a professional seminar invitation company. Quit doing this yourself.” We followed his advice. The first seminar we did using our new seminar invitation, list and location pulled 84 people for the two events promoted by that mailing. It was a Thursday night. A couple signed up at the seminar to meet with us the following day.The meeting went well and two days later on Monday they contacted us wanting to come in that same day. Monday afternoon they became clients with assets of over $1,250,000. We have 15 more prospects that requested meetings. Thank you for the connection. The revenue from this account pays all our first year fees for the BGM System. These other 15 prospects will make that seminar extremely profitable.
client success
Rich Liberante – Arizona

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