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How are we helping our clients grow?

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What does Barry say about the Bill Good Marketing System?​

We have a lot of advisors that have been with us for more than 30 years. In fact advisors stay with us for an average of 15 years. Barry, one of our long time advisors shares his experience with us. Thanks Barry!

I am closing in on my first double and should have it nailed this year. I started with the Bill Good Marketing System at $35 million in assets and now am managing $62 million! 
Paul LeHingrat – Manitoba
I bought Bill’s book, “Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success” at the beginning of my career, became a System User about 2 years later, and never looked back. I’ve been consistently impressed with every interaction I’ve had with you as a company. I’ve seen others have success with Bill Good Marketing, and I’ve experienced success with Bill Good Marketing, and I truly believe that these guys are the best marketers in the financial industry.
David Goar – Utah


I’ve been on the System for over 20 years, and we still open accounts from prospects that have been in our database for over 10 years. When I started, I had under $30 million and production was under $300K. Now, my partner and I have $110 million and production is over $1 million. We have been through three firm changes and two terrible bear markets, and things keep on chugging. In fact, I first went to work at my firm in 1998. Ten years later to the day, I went into my manager’s office and told him that the S&P was lower than the day I started there, but my business had nearly tripled. Partnering with Bill and his organization was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Jim MacDonald - New Hampshire
Dear Bill, I wanted you to know that in late October, we officially surpassed $1 billion in assets. It is also at least the third year in a row that we have grown production in excess of 20%. We are approaching $6,000,000. I began using your System in 2002 with about $570,000 gross. Much of the success is due to you and your System. Thank you very much.
Ed Blumenthal – Pennsylvania
My whole job is centered around using the Bill Good Marketing System, and our business has been successful because of it. It has been the foundation of our prospecting program, and business has grown due to continued use of the System.
Robert Duenner - Oklahoma

Where in the world would I be without Bill Good?


When I met Bill in 1989, I was just four years into the industry, working for a very small boutique firm that underwrote and sold municipal bonds. I had no real training and only a very small number of other reps in our office to learn from and share ideas with. I saw an ad in Registered Rep magazine for one of Bill’s Marketing Conferences and made the decision to go . . . and was blown away!

All of these brokers, from all of these firms from all over the country, teaching me about what it takes to truly be successful in this industry. And of course, Bill himself…the one person who could attract all of this talent and give them a forum to teach the rest of us how to be better brokers, advisors, and business owners. Bill is the architect of the greatest marketing system in existence. And, I should know! I have seen every iteration of the Bill Good Marketing System from the initial training at the Peery Hotel and the days of the huge automotive store binders, to "Gorilla Junior" and, finally, to the current edition that we rely on so much. Believe me, whenever I have an opportunity to share just how powerful Bill’s System is and what it has done to transform my practice, I do.

I have built my practice and my professional career around the principals that Bill preaches and the vast array of extraordinary people he continues to introduce us to. That’s why I have been a faithful system user since 1991 - nearly 27 years!! Bill has seen me through all of the turmoil this industry throws at us, and I have gone from a young novice in the industry to a seven-figure producer by embracing his concepts and teachings. I love my broker-dealer and enjoy going to their conferences, because it gives me an opportunity to reconnect socially with friends that I have made over the years. But, if I want to sharpen my saw and really learn ways that I can do a better job running a wealth management office, I go to Bill. His team, his website, his conferences. And, in the course of working with Bill over nearly three decades, we have become friends, and I truly value that personal relationship as well. I honestly cannot thank Bill enough for all he has done for me and everything he continues to do for me.
Thanks a million, Bill…literally!
Ray Dunlap -Georgia
I’ve been using the Bill Good Marketing System since 1993. It’s helped my business grow and I have nothing but GOOD things to say about it.
Walter Silicz, Manitoba
Bill’s promise has always been to “double production or work half as much.” I have always subscribed to the “work half as much” side of things. Thanks to his System, I do work half as much as I used to work when I was building my business, which gives me more time with my family!
W.K., South Carolina
Since starting on the Bill Good Marketing System, I have a process for everything, delegate many more tasks I used to do myself, and have achieved a very high closing rate with the ideal clients for my practice. Best of all? I have doubled my practice and now have 92% recurring revenue.
D. S., New Jersey
The Bill Good Marketing System manages all our client contact, mass mail, and monthly drips. It also automates most of our processes so they take less time. Bill’s System is the backbone that holds all our information together. Without it, we would die!
David Dickie, Texas


Dear Bill, I just wanted to tell you that I am in “Bill Good Heaven!” To add a bit of context, let me rewind just a bit to late 2017. In the last 10 weeks of 2017, I was able to bring in $3.4mm from a combination of 7 existing clients and 10 referrals. 2018 is starting off strong as well, as in the past two weeks I have initiated paperwork to bring in a $500,000 referral! A big “thankyouverymuch” to your System for the role it has played in making this possible!
Craig Murphy, Georgia

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