Cold Calling Strategies for Financial Advisors

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How to Cold Call the Good Way

The quickest, most direct way to prospect – if you do it right!

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First, you need some know how. Here are all the Bill Good articles on Cold Calling. By reading these, you can avoid tons of common mistakes. . My most recent articles are on my “author page” at the ThinkAdvisor site.

To buy my book, Hot Prospects, visit the book’s website at Now you need some scripts. If you look over to your right, you will see see First Call Appointment Scripts, The Greatest Script, and The 16 Best Scripts. Start with these. Test them. You need 3 cherries/hour. If you are not close, try another script.

You need a list to call. I recommend you talk to the best list broker in financial services, Marcia Glasser. She knows more about lists in this industry than anyone. Reach her at 800-547-5478.

If you are not keeping track of your numbers, start right now with this stat sheet. If you do not track your numbers, you will commit Basic Mistake #1-Get a bad idea and stick to it. Finally, you need to be able to analyze your numbers. So we have created a cold call calculator to help you answer the question: Do my numbers work?

Plug in the critical stats. Put in a 12 month new asset goal. Our Success Zone calculator will tell you how many hours of prospecting and selling it will take each week to hit your target.

Once you have completed your first appointment, you need to write a proposal. You can download a proposal template here. It’s simple. Don’t let that fool you.





The Precision Cold Calling Kit consists of five documents that will teach you how to maximize your cold calling efforts.

The First Call Appointment Scripts are scripts featured in my Research Magazine article called “Script Writing Lesson.”

The Greatest Script is just that. It is being used right now by some of the top cold callers in the industry. Don’t let its simplicity throw you.

The 16 Best Scripts are some of the most workable scripts for cold calling. Download them all, try them out and see which one works best for you. One of them will.

  • Cup of Coffee #1
  • CUP of Coffee #2
  • 401K (Or Other Employee Benefit) Growth and Income Products
  • Investment Roadmap
  • Tax Free Bond
  • Info Packet – Difficult Times
  • FDIC Insured
  • Retirement Income Distribution
  • Long-Term Financial Goals
  • Minimize Risk
  • Financial Planning
  • Share Investment Idea
  • Financial Market Turbulence
  • Two Top Concerns


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