Coronavirus Handholding Webinar - Bill Good Marketing

Coronavirus Handholding Webinar

Bill Good

Chairman / BGM

Coronavirus Handholding

Tactics & Talking Points from the Top FAs

On this webinar, I’ll share everything I’ve learned with you.  You’ll get the most powerful talking points and tactics FAs are using right now to protect their business, grow their business, and deepen relationships

Best of all, I will now be joined by three of the top FAs I’ve ever worked with.  Each will share what they are saying, sending, seeing, and doing to grow their business! 

The biggest growth opportunity you may ever have is happening right now.  Learn how to capitalize on it. This is the time to step up and become a “financial first responder.”  This is the time to make yourself an indispensable part of people’s lives. If you do, you’ll reap the rewards for years to come. 

What you will learn on this webinar

There are three parts to this webinar, and five presenters.  

Bill Good – Tactics & Talking Points

  • First, I will show you what the top FAs are doing – and saying – right now.  You’ll learn the processes you should be deploying, the questions you should be asking, and even the specific verbiage you should be using to have the maximum impact on both clients and prospects.  

Ed Blumenthal – The Science of Handholding


  • Ed Blumenthal, along with his partners, Mark Eskin and Christopher Borden, run a $2 billion practice.  He’s one of the best FAs I know at deploying processes to save time and increase productivity.  He will share his “coronavirus handholding process” for reaching out to more people in less time.  I must say, I was blown away by it.

Rhonda Ferguson – The Art of Handholding

  • Next up is Rhonda Ferguson.  Over the course of my career, I’ve never met a better hand-holder than Rhonda.  With over $500M in AUM, and over 1700 households in her book, she will show you what you need to say, and how you need to say it, to make clients think, “Thank heavens for my financial advisor.”

Chad Henry – Handholding Your Prospects

  • “How are you doing?” I asked Chad recently.  “How am I doing?” he repeated.  “Bill, I’m opening new accounts.  That’s how I’m doing.”  One of the best prospectors in the industry, Chad will show how you can use the coronavirus situation to open new accounts, deepen relationships, and find new money.

Matt Bailey – Handholding Content

  • Finally, you’ll hear from our Head Writer, Matt Bailey.  He will review the handholding content we’ve released so far.  Then, he will give you a special preview of everything we have in the works – and it’s a lot! – so you can plan ahead. 

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