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Out of the box G5 gives you the tools needed to automate your practice, improve marketing efforts and bring in more assets. Want more? Our consulting program has been instrumental in helping thousands of advisors double their production or work half as much. 

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    Three Key Traits of Top Advisors

    Every year, we talk with top advisors across the country. One of their key traits is they plan for and execute campaigns for growth. We help create customized growth plans for financial advisors like you – and every year, we review how well past growth plans have worked. That helps us see: What prospecting channels are working right now? Which strategies are working right now? Where are the best places…

    How and Why to Form a Partnership

    I have been an advocate of teams in the securities industry for a long time, longer than most have been in the industry. My writings on this go well back into the ’80s, when some of my younger readers were still in training pants. I profoundly believe that it is only teams that will survive and amount to anything. One form the teams will take is partnerships. I used to believe everything I had been told about partnerships…

    How to Become a More Productive Advisor

    In 1985, I conducted what I believe to be the first study in the financial services industry to see what advisors do with their time. During the course of this study, I made a surprising discovery: Advisors were worth at least $1,000 an hour when they were meeting and talking to qualified clients and prospects. I’ve conducted that study again and again. Today, advisors are worth $1,500 per hour…


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