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How to Use Google Maps to Analyze CRM Data

A very strong suggestion:


1. Read the text on this page.       

  2. Watch the two short tutorials on Google Maps.

Then spend some time on the sample map I have created for you.

In that map, I have imported a sample list of clients. These are not really clients but the top 1000 businesses in the state of Utah. I am simply using that as an example.

I’ve divided that list into quintiles which is exactly what I suggested you do in my Research Magazine Article.

Mapping the lists of financial advisor clients, prospects, social connections, cold calling lists, seminar lists, you name it is an extremely powerful tool.

Obviously, for this to work, you first have to import a list or preferably several lists into a Google map. In the tutorials on this page, I have shown you how to do that. What can you do with that information?

Register on the next page to watch the video.
Register on the next page to watch the video.

Now you understand how to create your own map.


Spend some time here. Click on different quintiles. Have fun!


Here are just a few suggestions.

When you have to go anywhere, take a look at the appropriate map. Let’s say you are going to see your best client, Bob Barking.

When you look at your map, you realize Bob is less than 2 blocks from one of your top prospects, Liz Wonk.  

One of the easiest appointments to set goes like this. “Liz, I happen to be less than 2 blocks from you on Tuesday afternoon. I’m going to see a very good client. I’d love to drop in and just say hello. I have a spot at 1:00 PM and again at 3:00 PM. Which of those works better for you?”

Or consider this:

You want to do a seminar for one arm paper hangers. You buy a list. Import the list into Google Maps. Look at the map. It will tell you where to hold the seminar.

As shown in my sample map, you can tell which of your bottom clients lives right next to a top client which should tell you that perhaps your bottom client is someone else’s top client.  Do you really want to enforce the 80-20 rule on this client?

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