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Dominating Your Market Having Fun with Clients

John Halterman, CWS®,  AIF®
Founder and Owner of Beacon Wealth Management

Matt Hicken, AAMS®
Senior VP of Client Success at Bill Good Marketing

Dominating Your Market Having Fun with Clients ​

Featuring Special Guest John Halterman​

Are you looking for ways to turn happy and satisfied clients into advocates?

I have talked with many teams lately, who always hear from their clients that they are happy. Their clients thank them for the great job they do. However, referrals and introductions don’t seem to come.

John Halterman has elevated his clients’ experience to a whole new level, and that has created some raving fans. In fact, year-to-date, John and his team have received 15 referrals and introductions. That, along with new assets from existing clients, has helped the team grow by $30M so far this year.

From the moment someone decides to work with John and his team, they are welcomed into the family with open arms. The best way to put it, is that they are celebrated…often.

Join us for a special webinar where John will describe some of the great ways they WOW their clients.

John is one of our great speakers for this year’s AdvisorCon. Think of this webinar as the pre-game show. John has put together a lot of processes. Many of them surround how he sets up a great event for clients.

In this webinar he will explain:

  •  How to engage your clients from day one.
  • The critical little details that can make or break your event.
  • How to fill an event with the right people.
  • His team’s role and responsibilities before, during and after each event.

Like some of the biggest Gorillas, John has dedicated himself to constantly learning and improving his business. He has put together detailed processes for everything from selling, to onboarding, to engaging his clients.

Now, I say this is the pre-game show because at AdvisorCon, he will also be sharing how he consistently brings in millions of new assets every year through alternative marketing. By alternative marketing, we mean outside of our normal eight new asset channels.

As just one of the many great speakers at AdvisorCon, you will not want to miss it.

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