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Is the Bear at Your Back Door?

Over the last few weeks, many of our advisors have reported how they have generated new business thanks to our formula for handholding.

If you are not talking to your clients, someone else is. And that means someone else is the thought leader guiding them through this looming crisis.

Don’t let your competitors do your job. Attend this webinar and we will give you the tools to switch from playing defense to approaching this market like the opportunity it really is.

Get the tools you need to take FULL advantage of this mome...


Be the King of Your Jungle

Your CRM is the brain and nervous system of your organization. Without one built to support your firm, it’s just a bunch of separate parts moving in non-coordinated directions.

If you are not seeing actual ROI from the activities in your CRM, then you are not using it to its full capacity. You basically have an expensive piece of software to keep your notes and reminders.

Which is kind of like plowing a field with a Porsche 911 Turbo. It might look awesome, but boy are you mis-using a powerful machi...


The Asset Accelerator

Selling to the HNW is a process in and of itself.

If you’ve made it far enough for that first meeting, you are halfway there. And the rest of the way is a choreographed dance.

Do you know the steps?

Do you know what it takes to close new business among the HNW? What’s more, do you know how to get them to refer their friends?

When you know this process cold, you may be invited to join a small and elite group of advisors who cater to the ultra-rich. It is a process we like to call our Sales Succ...


The Family Financial Advisor: Prospecting the Next Generation

What if you could retain 100% of their assets every time a client dies?

What if you could become the advisor of record for entire families, going four to five generations deep?

What if we could give you a formula that would stuff your basket full of ready-made prospects… simply by talking to the clients you already have?

Well, you don’t have to wonder “what if”. Because can do those things right now. You can learn how to become the FAMILY FINANCIAL ADVISOR for entire generations of clients. All you have to do is attend our webinar and apply what you will learn.

Practice Management

3 Steps to Triple Your Growth Rate with Special Guest David Baker

Do you want to take more time off? Are there goals outside of your career that you’d like to pursue?

If you answered yes to either question, then we have a webinar for you!

In this webinar we are going to be talking with a spectacular guest, David Baker. David became a Bill Good Marketing client in April of 2021. At the start of our relationship, David wanted to accomplish two things:

- He wanted to grow his business.
- He did not want it to be at the expense of his family.


7 Crucial Steps to Closing New Clients

When you look at all the great advisors we’ve worked with, they all have several things in common. But, where it counts the most, they all had (and have) a very high conversion rate from prospect to client.

What is their magic formula?

Is it some kind of sales magic alchemy? The strength of their personality? Their charm?

Yes, yes, and yes.

But it also boils down to PROCESS. And that process begins and ends with our legendary Sales Pipeline.


The Systems that Brought this Team Over $13M in New AUM with special guest Bob Bennie & Jessie Thompson

Since the pandemic began, no prospecting channel has exploded quite like webinars. Why? Because webinars can be an incredible source of new assets…for an equally-incredible low cost.

In fact, when it comes to ROI, there may be no better form of prospecting than webinars!

But webinars should not just be a replacement for traditional seminars and client events. Webinars come with their own advantages, their own challenges… and their own best practices.


A Bear in Our Backyard? What you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare your practice for the downturn

We all know it’s coming. How can it not? Like gravity, a market downturn is a natural law of physics.

So, what happens when the bear in your backyard decides to come inside and roost?

Are your clients emotionally prepared for when this monstrous bull that is our market stops its wild rampage?

More importantly, are you prepared for it?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” – Dwight Eisen...

Practice Management

How this FA doubled his business in 2021… and how you can do it in 2022

Double your business or work half as much.” For decades, we at Bill Good Marketing have helped thousands of advisors accomplish this incredible milestone, often in just 2-3 years. Now, we’re thrilled to welcome a new advisor to the ranks of those who have “done a double."

His name is Mark Stallsmith, and you really need to hear his story.

Mark is an independent financial advisor based in Pennsylvania...

Event Marketing

Dominating Your Market Having Fun with Clients with special guest John Halterman

John Halterman has elevated his clients’ experience to a whole new level, and that has created some raving fans. In fact, year-to-date,

John and his team have received 15 referrals and introductions. That, along with new assets from existing clients, has helped the team grow by $30M so far this year.

In this webinar he will explain:

• How to engage your clients from day one.
• The critical little details that can make or break your event.
• How to fill an event with the right people.
• His team’s role and responsibilities before, during and after each event.


One Skill Your Junior FA Most Needs with Special Guest John Mcalister

Why Cold Calling Fails—this is a big one, including what Merrill Lynch most likely missed.

Three approaches to cold calling that work today. One of these approaches is the one John uses to prospect the Ultra Ultra High Net Worth. It might work in your market.

Where your Junior should sit in your office. (This is another big one, much bigger than you think.)

You grew up in a boardroom, right? Your Junior has a private office. What did you learn in the boardroom that they missed?

Practice Management

Practice Management Immersion: Take More Time Off and Don’t Come Back to Messes

Suppose you want to take more time off and not come back to messes. How would you do that?

You would strengthen your practice management system.

That’s what I am going to show you in in this webinar.

In this webinar, we will focus on “work on your business, not in it.” Every financial advisor must work on it and in it. If you only work a tiny bit on it, you remain a little practice.

Relationship Marketing

Retaining and Building Your Most Profitable Pipeline with special guest Ray Dunlap

On this webinar, Matt, Matthew, and Ray will discuss:

• What Relationship Marketing is and how to use it to keep what you’ve got
• How to leverage the data you already have in your CRM to deepen relationships and generate new referrals and introductions
•Why client service and relationship marketing go hand in hand…and how to create a Ritz Carlton-level experience for your clients that makes them brag about their advisor
•The steps you must take to get in front of your clients’ friends, family, and coworkers
• Examples of superior Relationship Marketing in action

Practice Management

5 Ways Your Team Can Skyrocket Your Production

During this webinar, Matt and Spencer reveal the best practices that are working NOW to:

• Attract qualified, highly productive employees who want to help you make your vision reality.
• Maximize production by providing critical training each team member needs to excel.
• Prevent employee burnout and turnover, while increasing initiative, engagement, and a thriving culture.
• Organize your practice and processes to maximize productivity and increase your bottom line.
• Manage your team to ensure you’re making measurable and repeatable progress toward your goals.


How to Leverage What’s Working NOW to Grow Your Business
with special guest Ryan VanSickle from Leading Response

Here’s what you’ll learn:

- Which hot topics and locations are pulling high response rates (up to 50% higher than pre-COVID!)

- How to get your RSVPs to show up, with 90-98% attendance rates

- How to attract more high-net-worth investors to your event, and get them to convert to appointments

- And more!

Practice Management

The Five Traits of a Superstar Team Member

Special Guest speaker Nick Terrenzi joins us as we discuss the five non-negotiable characteristics every candidate must possess before you even think about hiring them!
We will cover the ins and outs of each one of the five key traits you should look for, and how to identify them in potential candidates. And in the process, you’ll learn how to boost these traits in yourself, too!

General Education

The BEST Best Practices

Over my 20 years in the industry, and Bill Good Marketing’s 44 years, we’ve seen more advisors work this way than not. It’s enormous mismanagement of time and probably the biggest culprit behind those dreaded ceilings on growth.
But here’s the Good News: the solution is simple.
So watch this webinar recording to see how I show you:
•The optimal way to structure your day so you can see more clients and prospects.
•How some of the best advisors in the business approach time management to create more $1,000 hours.
•How to make better use of your team so they can protect your time.
•10 simple tricks to free up more of your time.
•And more!

Practice Management

Ten HR Mistakes that Put Your Practice at Risk
With Special Guest Todd Anderson of Platinum HR

HR can quickly become a slippery slope for any Advisor managing a team. Aside from legal complications, team management also means PTO policies, employee manuals, overtime rules, family leave – where mistakes can be costly, and in some cases can even put an Advisor out of business.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • Dangerous mistakes and pitfalls of HR if not handled properly
  • Correct classification of exempt vs. non-exempt
  • The various leaves of absence and how to manage them
  • COVID in the workplace
  • The proper ways to handle an ADA case
  • How to conduct an HR investigation

Practice Management

Mastering Time Management

Time management is a critical topic because according to numerous industry studies, the number one thing advisors wish they have more of (besides assets, of course) is TIME.
Our own studies here at Bill Good Marketing show that you are worth at least $1,000/hour in gross revenue when meeting with and talking to clients and prospects.

But how often do you spend meeting and talking with clients and prospects? Probably not nearly as much as you would like.

Let’s make 2021 the year that changes!

Join Matt Hicken, AAMS®, as he shows you:
• The optimal way to structure your day so you can see more clients and prospects.
• How some of the best advisors in the business approach time management to create more $1,000 hours.
• How to make better use of your team so they can protect your time.
• 10 simple tricks to free up more of your time.
• And more!

General Education

2021 State of the System

This State of the System is probably the most important one we’ve done yet. Why? Because we’ll be briefing you on three of the most important changes our company has ever gone through – changes that will have a major impact on you.

• The first big change: Gorilla 5
• The second big change: New leadership
• The third big change: A new 110% Gorilla Chart

But wait! There’s more! Frantz and Bill will also update you on:

• Important additions we’ve made to our team over the past year
• New content we have come out with (Hint: A lot of it involves social media)
• Changes to our coaching program
• What we have in the works for the rest of 2021
• Why they’re both so excited for what the future holds!


How to Dominate Your Market in 3 Years
with special guest Rhonda Ferguson

Rhonda Ferguson is one of our best and longest-running clients. She’s mastered many different forms of prospecting, from seminars and direct mail to relationship marketing and social media. She uses them all to dominate her market. ON this webinar, she’ll recount the various market-domination strategies she used when she was just starting out, and how they’ve evolved to the present day.

Client Marketing

Find the Money: How to Capture 100% of Client Assets

Here at Bill Good Marketing, our studies show that most advisors control only 40-50% of their clients’ assets. That means there are millions more out there. In this webinar, Bill will show you how to perfect your client marketing so you can find and capture 100% of your clients’ assets.


New AUM for the New Year
with special guests Rob Rose, Steve Robbins, Josh Packard, and Neil McPeak, Jr.

Perhaps the biggest webinar in the history of Bill Good Marketing! Four top prospectors share their growth strategies, including how to get more referrals, generate leads through your website, and make classic channels like cold calling, seminars, and direct mail work today.

Practice Management

How to Create a Billion-Dollar Team

With $1.5 billion in AUM, Ed Blumenthal heads up one of the most outstanding teams you'll ever see. In this webinar, Ed and Bill will explain the exact rules, processes, roles, and procedures his team uses every day - and how your team can replicate his team's success.

Client Marketing

How to Get More Referrals Without Asking

Do you want MORE referrals?

Are you TIRED of that awkward moment that comes after asking for a referral…which inevitably leads to nothing?

Would you like to LEARN a better way to get MORE referrals WITHOUT asking?

In this webinar, you will learn:

        • Why you should almost never ask for referrals

        • What the one exception to the "don't ask" rule is

         • How to increase the number of unsolicited referrals you get every month

      • How to thank clients for their referrals, and in the process, develop more referrals


Triple Double
with special guest Rob Rose

Based in North Carolina, Rob has over $300M in AUM. He has doubled his production three times over, and is on track for a fourth. In this recording, Rob and his Director of Operations, Matt Hicken, will show you exactly how they doubled production – not once, but thrice!


Referrals Without Asking

Referrals. You want ‘em. But if you’re like most advisors, you’re probably not getting enough to grow the way you want. That’s probably because you were taught to ask for them. But asking is actually the worst way to get referrals. There are much better ways – and in this webinar, Bill will show you what they are.

It’s time for you to get MORE REFERRALS without ever having to ask for them.

Practice Management

How to Dominate Your Market in 3 Years
with special guest Ford Mays

I once asked Ford Mays, “If I dropped you into a new area, how long would it take you to become the top producer in that area?”

“Three years,” Ford answered immediately. “I know because I’ve done it.”

On this webinar, you’ll learn the 17 steps Ford took to dominate his market…and how you can dominate yours!

Client Marketing

When clients die, assets fly

Did you know that 79.6% of inheritors switch primary advisors after inheriting their money?

If a substantial percentage of your clients are retired, or could pass away within the next ten years, you must have a strategy for keeping their assets in-house. In this webinar, Bill will teach you a tried-and-tested strategy for building relationships and opening accounts with your clients’ heirs before your clients pass away.


The Seminar Success Zone
with special guest Chad Henry

If you want to grow your business, seminars are still one of the best ways to do it – and there’s no better seminar producer in the industry than Chad Henry. Chad brought in $28M through seminars alone in 2016, and then topped it with $32M in 2017! On this webinar, you’ll learn what Chad does to consistently generate new prospects through seminars.


Selling Advice

Effective selling is a process. It’s a series of steps, disciplines, tools, and techniques that you can apply to every client or prospect every single time. When done correctly, selling enables you find out what your clients and prospects really want, offer the solution, and then move the sale through to a timely, profitable conclusion.

On this webinar, you will learn Bill’s own sales process, which he has taught to thousands of financial advisors for over forty years.

Practice Management

Best Practices
with special guest Rob Rose

Rob is a financial advisor in Greensboro, North Carolina with over $300 million in AUM. More importantly, Rob is one of the best in the industry at setting a goal, planning how he wants to get there, and then creating simple, repeatable processes to make it happen.

On this webinar, Rob will show you the best practices he is constantly refining in order to make his business stronger (and larger) every year.


How to Be Found and Look Good

Many financial advisors make common mistakes with their website and social media presence – mistakes that can damage their brand. In this webinar, Bill will explain what those mistakes are, how to avoid them, and how to create a stronger web presence that gets prospects to call you. He’ll also show examples of some of the best financial advisor websites out there.


How to Make Sure Your Leads Never Dry Up
with special guest Steve Robbins

Steve Robbins is one of the best prospectors in the business. That’s because he created a diversified prospecting strategy that contains multiple sources of new leads. And by multiple, I’m not talking three or four. I’m talking seven.

In this webinar, Steve will detail his prospecting strategy, and how you, too, can create a diversified prospecting strategy that ensures your leads never dry up.


The Seminar Success Zone
with special guest Rich Liberante

Rich Liberante is one of the best in the industry at building his business through seminars. How do I know? Because in 2013, Rich had to build a whole new practice from a scratch. Now, he’s a million-dollar producer, mostly through seminars.

In this webinar, Rich will explain the seven key statistics for seminar success and how to achieve them.


How to Build a $100M Fee-Based Practice in Six Years
with special guest Joe Johnson

No clients? No assets? No problem. Joe Johnson, a financial advisor from Chicago, built a $100M practice from a standing start in only two years…almost all from seminars! In this webinar, Joe will share the science of seminar marketing.

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