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Practice Management

How to Create a Billion-Dollar Team

With $1.5 billion in AUM, Ed Blumenthal heads up one of the most outstanding teams you'll ever see. In this webinar, Ed and Bill will explain the exact rules, processes, roles, and procedures his team uses every day - and how your team can replicate his team's success.


New AUM for the New Year
with special guests Rob Rose, Steve Robbins, Josh Packard, and Neil McPeak, Jr.

Perhaps the biggest webinar in the history of Bill Good Marketing! Four top prospectors share their growth strategies, including how to get more referrals, generate leads through your website, and make classic channels like cold calling, seminars, and direct mail work today.


How to Dominate Your Market in 3 Years
with special guest Rhonda Ferguson

Rhonda Ferguson is one of our best and longest-running clients. She’s mastered many different forms of prospecting, from seminars and direct mail to relationship marketing and social media. She uses them all to dominate her market. ON this webinar, she’ll recount the various market-domination strategies she used when she was just starting out, and how they’ve evolved to the present day.

Practice Management

How to Dominate Your Market in 3 Years
with special guest Ford Mays

I once asked Ford Mays, “If I dropped you into a new area, how long would it take you to become the top producer in that area?”

“Three years,” Ford answered immediately. “I know because I’ve done it.”

On this webinar, you’ll learn the 17 steps Ford took to dominate his market…and how you can dominate yours!


Triple Double
with special guest Rob Rose

Based in North Carolina, Rob has over $300M in AUM. He has doubled his production three times over, and is on track for a fourth. In this recording, Rob and his Director of Operations, Matt Hicken, will show you exactly how they doubled production – not once, but thrice!


Referrals Without Asking

Referrals. You want ‘em. But if you’re like most advisors, you’re probably not getting enough to grow the way you want. That’s probably because you were taught to ask for them. But asking is actually the worst way to get referrals. There are much better ways – and in this webinar, Bill will show you what they are.

It’s time for you to get MORE REFERRALS without ever having to ask for them.


Selling Advice

Effective selling is a process. It’s a series of steps, disciplines, tools, and techniques that you can apply to every client or prospect every single time. When done correctly, selling enables you find out what your clients and prospects really want, offer the solution, and then move the sale through to a timely, profitable conclusion.

On this webinar, you will learn Bill’s own sales process, which he has taught to thousands of financial advisors for over forty years.

Client Marketing

When clients die, assets fly

Did you know that 79.6% of inheritors switch primary advisors after inheriting their money?

If a substantial percentage of your clients are retired, or could pass away within the next ten years, you must have a strategy for keeping their assets in-house. In this webinar, Bill will teach you a tried-and-tested strategy for building relationships and opening accounts with your clients’ heirs before your clients pass away.


The Seminar Success Zone
with special guest Chad Henry

If you want to grow your business, seminars are still one of the best ways to do it – and there’s no better seminar producer in the industry than Chad Henry. Chad brought in $28M through seminars alone in 2016, and then topped it with $32M in 2017! On this webinar, you’ll learn what Chad does to consistently generate new prospects through seminars.


How to Make Sure Your Leads Never Dry Up
with special guest Steve Robbins

Steve Robbins is one of the best prospectors in the business. That’s because he created a diversified prospecting strategy that contains multiple sources of new leads. And by multiple, I’m not talking three or four. I’m talking seven.

In this webinar, Steve will detail his prospecting strategy, and how you, too, can create a diversified prospecting strategy that ensures your leads never dry up.

Practice Management

Best Practices
with special guest Rob Rose

Rob is a financial advisor in Greensboro, North Carolina with over $300 million in AUM. More importantly, Rob is one of the best in the industry at setting a goal, planning how he wants to get there, and then creating simple, repeatable processes to make it happen.

On this webinar, Rob will show you the best practices he is constantly refining in order to make his business stronger (and larger) every year.


How to Be Found and Look Good

Many financial advisors make common mistakes with their website and social media presence – mistakes that can damage their brand. In this webinar, Bill will explain what those mistakes are, how to avoid them, and how to create a stronger web presence that gets prospects to call you. He’ll also show examples of some of the best financial advisor websites out there.

Client Marketing

Find the Money: How to Capture 100% of Client Assets

Here at Bill Good Marketing, our studies show that most advisors control only 40-50% of their clients’ assets. That means there are millions more out there. In this webinar, Bill will show you how to perfect your client marketing so you can find and capture 100% of your clients’ assets.


The Seminar Success Zone
with special guest Rich Liberante

Rich Liberante is one of the best in the industry at building his business through seminars. How do I know? Because in 2013, Rich had to build a whole new practice from a scratch. Now, he’s a million-dollar producer, mostly through seminars.

In this webinar, Rich will explain the seven key statistics for seminar success and how to achieve them.


How to Build a $100M Fee-Based Practice in Six Years
with special guest Joe Johnson

No clients? No assets? No problem. Joe Johnson, a financial advisor from Chicago, built a $100M practice from a standing start in only two years…almost all from seminars! In this webinar, Joe will share the science of seminar marketing.

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