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For forty years, Bill Good Marketing has been helping advisors double their production or work half as much.  A true pioneer in financial services marketing, the Bill Good Marketing team is known for their innovative work on advisor sales, referral marketing, time management, prospecting, and more.  In 2012, he was named one of the Top Coaches in the industry by

We have compiled some of the core principles and best practices we teach in the Bill Good Marketing System to create a series of guidebooks that will help you attract more prospects, close more new clients, retain more existing clients and increase your referrals. 


Learn how to close more prospects in less time

  • The 1 tactic you MUST use to close more prospects – often in the first meeting!
  • The 6 core selling skills that will raise your closing ratio to 50% or higher
  • The most common sales mistakes advisors make and how to avoid them
  • How to adapt your sales process for the DOL era.
  • And more!

Learn what the top financial advisors are doing to grow their business

  • What all top financial advisors – and their teams – have in common
  • What the top financial advisors do to ensure near-perfect client retention
  • How the top financial advisors get at least 2-3 referrals every month
  • What forms of prospecting are working right now
  • One simple trick top financial advisors do to accomplish more during the day
  • And more!

Get more referrals, more assets, and more loyalty from your clients

  • The #1 rule of client marketing all financial advisors must follow
  • The 6 steps to near-perfect client retention
  • How to become the sole advisor for all your clients
  • How to create client engagement so more clients refer you
  • And more!

How to get MORE REFERRALS without asking!

  • 4 facts about referral marketing all advisors need to know
  • The 4 conditions you MUST meet before your clients will provide referrals
  • The 5 easiest ways to get referrals NOW
  • Our time-tested strategy for getting at least 15% of your clients to provide a new referral within one year
  • And more!


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