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Gorilla 5 Data Migration


Pre-ordering G5 Data Migration service is for advisors who:

want to be first

Be first in line to migrate to G5 when it is released. Release is set for March 1, 2021.

want to save money on migrating

Everyone that is planning on moving to G5 will need to do the data migration process. Even if they clean the data up themselves. This just makes it easier and ensures the data is prepped properly.

want to use g5's advanced features

The magic in Gorilla 5 will be its Speed Buttons, campaigns, monthly drip, advanced business processes, and a few other things we've not spoken about yet. Your data needs to be clean to use them effectively.

want expert guidance

Cleaning up data is tedious, you'll need guidance on what to do and assurance that everything looks the way it supposed to.

What does data migration get me?

Some of the things our migration specialists will work with your staff to handle:

Keyword cleanup

Data consolidation

Sales profile data cleanup

Consolidate or delete list fields

Campaign cleanup

Remove dead Speedbuttons

Delete old opportunities

Delete orphaned and duplicate individuals

Custom field cleanup

The cost of data migration is based on the size of your database. This includes clients, prospects, mass-mail, etc.







Have questions? See our FAQ below or give us a ring and ask to speak with someone in sales 1-800-678-1480. 
*If you have more than 10,000 records, please reach out to sales for a custom quote. 

Frequently asked questions

This gives us the opportunity to gauge interest and plan ahead for the migration to Gorilla 5. The data portion of the migration will also take some man hours, and this enables us to make sure everyone’s data is clean and ready to be imported into a new environment.

Data migration will be done at either release or during a functional beta phase if the advisor and their team decide they want to participate in the beta. For the majority of our clients, data migration will be done at the time of a full software release. It will be done on a first come, first serve basis.

We will work with your staff on cleaning up data, providing direction, and validating the data is ready for an import.

 This all depends on the state of your data, number of dead speedbuttons, keywords, etc. We expect the data work to take between a few days to a few weeks depending on how dedicated you and your staff are. Getting started early will help a lot.

Our current release schedule is March 1, 2021. We will launch a user page that describes what phase of development we are currently on so everyone is aware of potential release dates.

You can do all the data clean-up yourself. We will still need to validate the data, and make sure it’s prepped for the import into the new database. There will still be a validation and migration fee of $995 to import your data into Gorilla 5. This base fee will be applied, no matter how many records you have. If your data is not done correctly, we will have to charge a per-hour basis for working with your team to fix data issues. 

You should be able to view the total number of records in your database by selecting ALL as a selection rule and viewing the record count on the main screen of Gorilla.

We will continue to support Gorilla 4 in its current form. However we will not update it or release patches for it.

Ahead of our release date of March 1, 2021 we will begin migrating all clients to Gorilla 5.

Before your data can be migrated to G5, we want to make sure everything is accurate, useful, and in the correct place the moment you load G5 for the first time. 

There are three parts to the cleanup process. Under our direction, your team will:

1) Get rid of the garbage. Here are some examples:

  • Consolidate or delete List fields.  (Examples of List fields include ClientsProspects, and Strategic Partners.)  This can be tricky.  If you have too many or too few List fields, target marketing becomes difficult. 
  • Remove old sales profile data.  Here we have to carefully identify what is “old” and what is not. 
  • Delete old mass mail lists. These just take up valuable space and slow your CRM down.  To be on the safe side, we will guide you through exporting these lists so you can recover them later if needed. 
  • Remove dead Speedbuttons you don’t use anymore. 
  • Delete old opportunities (making sure you only delete the old ones). 
  • Delete orphaned and duplicate individuals. These can create unnecessary problems. 
  • Clean custom fields and worksheets. 
  • Hunt down all the invalid characters sitting like little ticking time bombs in your database. These need to be rooted out sooner rather than later, or they can cause problems with your merge fields, Selection Rules, and more.

2) Clean up your active data. We are going to delay this until just a few days before migration.  Then we freeze Gorilla 4, keep copies of all RUFS and dictations, and do a final check.

3) Post-Migration Data Inspection. Once Gorilla 5 pulls over all your data, your team will work with our Data Specialist to finalize your migration by implementing our “Data Migration Checklist”. 

All information relating to timelines on testing phases or release dates are based on best-case scenarios. Release timelines may change, which will adjust deadlines. We will release the software when we feel it is ready as we recognize that your CRM is a mission-critical component of your business, and we do not want to cripple anyone’s ability to work.

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