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Gorilla 5


The most cutting edge intelligent automated efficient proven customizable CRM for doubling your production or working half as much.

What is Gorilla 5?

Gorilla 5, combined with the Bill Good Marketing system is one of the only CRM’s in the Wealth Management industry that helps generate revenue beyond its cost to operate. It is the software solution that has helped some of the largest teams in the industry get to where they are. 


An industry Legend Reborn

40 Years of knowledge distilled into a CRM like no other

G5 is both familiar and new. With cutting edge technology (Powered by NexJ), G5 helps you streamline your practice, improve your prospecting efforts, and boost client retention. This is more than just a CRM. 

Leveraging our 40 years of system-building, we are creating a platform like no other. 

Current Features

Out-of-the box automations

Gorilla 5 optimizes your practice through strategic automations. Routine business processes can be run and re-run with a few mouse clicks. In less than an hour, your first marketing campaign is set up and ready to go. Once you complete our data purification process, the pipeline management tools will seamlessly integrate your sales process into your CRM. And that magic ROI conversion begins.

Want to see more?

Advanced Households System





Data Migration



Document Storage

"90-Day No Contact" - Personal Touch

Birthday Letters

Activity Plans (Speed Buttons)

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Relationship Mapping

Coverage Groups

Microsoft Outlook Email Sync

Microsoft Exchange Calendar Sync

Service Level Management Workspace

Asset Opportunities

Integrated marketing campaigns and content to help you generate more assets in less time.

Service Level Management

Built in notifications of upcoming activities to make sure that no one falls through the cracks.



Key Life
Cycle Dates

Track and participate in important life events to build stronger relationships.

Recent Activities

Built in business automations, processes, and procedures.

How does Gorilla 5's pricing compare?

Gorilla 5 is an enterprise grade flagship Intelligent CRM. You’ll be running the most advanced growth system for advisors available. Please note the G5 prices below are in addition to full content and coaching. 


Financial Services Cloud
$ 300 Monthly Per User
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App


$ 99 Per Month Per Database
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App

Gorilla 5®

Intelligent CRM
$ 125 Per User Per Month
  • Starting at $125
  • Monthly Payments
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App

Starting At

Microsoft Dynamics®

$ 135 Monthly Per User
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App


$ 65 Monthly Per User
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App

Why Gorilla 5?

Gorilla 5 is built by people who have decades of experience in running effective marketing campaigns, and not by engineers with none. We understand what it takes to convert a prospect to a client, and then from client to raving fan. We know the systems needed to build client engagement, create client retention, and what will walk a client through tumultuous market turns. In short, we understand the client lifecycle down to its finest details.

And then we built THAT lifecycle into a piece of software, and we called it a CRM. But Gorilla 5 is so much more than that!

It combines cutting-edge technology with laws of contact management to automate processes that help you grow.


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