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Gorilla 5

The most CRM for doubling your production or working half as much.

Gorilla 5 is coming soon

With our pre-release just around the corner, we are more excited than ever to show you how Gorilla 5 will help you grow your business. 

How will Gorilla 5's pricing compare?

Gorilla 5 won’t be cheap. But it also won’t be overly expensive. Plus, you’ll be running the most advanced growth system for advisors available. Please note the G5 prices below are in addition to full content and coaching. 


Financial Services Cloud
$ 300 Monthly Per User
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App


$ 99 Per Month Per Database
(up to 15 Users)
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App

Gorilla 5®

Intelligent CRM
$ 100 Per User Per Month
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content (Basic)
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App


$ 89 Monthly Per User
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App


$ 65 Monthly Per User
  • Monthly Payments
  • Content
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Mobile App

Get access to the pre-release version early!

Gorilla 5 Status

Data Mapping and Migration Testing

We are currently working on data mapping and migration testing. We are also working towards the pre-release version of the software, which is scheduled for Q2 2020.

Milestone 1
Percentage Complete 65%
Milestone 2
Percentage Complete 30%
Milestone 3
Percentage Complete 10%

Gorilla 5 Pre-Release Q3

The Gorilla 5 Pre-Release will contain the core CRM capabilities which will be in the final release. Core components to the CRM will most likely include:

  • Advanced households system
  • Scheduler
  • Notes
  • Actions
  • Service queuing
  • Conversations
  • Letter printing
  • New Letters Library
  • Built in reports
  • Screen pop (/w VOIP phone system)
  • Relationship mapping
  • Coverage groups

See some of G5's new and updated features in action!

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An industry Legend Reborn

40 Years of knowledge and success distilled into a CRM like no other

G5 is both familiar and new. With cutting edge technology, G5 helps you streamline your practice, improve your prospecting efforts, and boost client retention. 

Leveraging our 40 years of system-building, we are creating a CRM like no other. 

New and updated Features in G5

Customer View 360

See all your client information in one place, including:

  • Asset
  • Recent Activities
  • Key Life Cycle Dates
  • and Aggregated Financial Information

Advanced Householding

Even more depth to our household and relationship mapping system:

  • Additional association layers
  • Multiple addresses for household members 
  • Drill down into history, notes, actions for the entire household or a single member 
  • Unlimited relationship types 

Gorilla Logic

See all your upcoming interaction opportunities:

  • Drives engagement by suggesting interaction based on triggered or pre-determined events
  • Manage your 90 day no contact calls automatically
  • Leverage scoring to prioritize engagement with clients that need it most
  • Leverage human-gathered information and aggregated data to recommend topics of interest.

Lead Management

The ultimate client acquisition and referral management tool:

  • Build and maintain prospecting lists
  • Manage lists by source, status and score
  •  Assign leads based on pre-set rules, or manually
  • Increase ROI by focusing on the sources that are delivering the best leads

Be ready for what is coming. Purchase your data migration.

Additional features we're excited about in Gorilla 5

Natural Language Processing

Tell Gorilla what you want it to do, and have it done.

Dictating Notes

Record notes verbally or transcribe phone calls into the contact record automatically.

Live Advanced Reporting

Built in and ad hoc reporting.

API and Native Integration

Connect to the tools you use daily as we build out our connectivity to financial planning and data aggregation applications.

Onboarding Automation

Improve the speed of onboarding with our new process automation system.

Native Microsoft Office Integration

Automatic email import and email synchronization with Microsoft integration.

Service Queuing

Have service related items queue up and distribute out to your service associates. Automatically add service issues from emails sent to your service email box.

Office Chat

Inner office chat with conversations saved to contact record that it is associated with. Never lose track of internal conversations.

Audit Trail

Gorilla automatically keeps detailed records of who, what, and when a record is accessed, updated, or edited.

Additional features to come…

What would you like to see in g5?

drop us a line and let us know

All information relating to timelines, features, testing phases or release dates are based on best-case scenarios. Release timelines or features may change, which will adjust deadlines. We will release the software when we feel it is ready as we recognize that your CRM is a mission-critical component of your business. We do not want to cripple anyone’s ability to work.


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