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Gorilla System Specialist

Gorilla System Specialist

The foundation of your office's data organization, retention, and marketing efforts

The Gorilla System Specialist– or GSS for short– is the most
cost-effective, time-efficient solution to preventing The System from dissolving into just another platform for keeping notes
and actions.

18 Ways a Gorilla System Specialist Impacts Your Bottom Line

  1. As requested, sets up electronic files for each client, each of which is linked to the appropriate contact group record. This gives the entire team easy access to all information reducing time looking for or through paper files.


  1. By following the “new or revised message checklist,” your monthly drip letters will be sent out on time and error-free. Monthly Drip, of course, generates goodwill, retention, referrals, and money.


  1. Processes all referrals through the “Referral Wizard.” This links the referral source to the referral so that the advisor can see his or her referral networks. By thanking and presenting a small gift for every referral received, you encourage even more referrals.


  1. If you chase up wedding anniversary dates, your GSS will set up wedding anniversary procedures. This is all part of the “Become the Family Financial Advisor” strategy. It generates a lot of word-of-mouth within the family.


  1. Opportunities found by the advisor and staff are correctly entered. The “Opportunities Due” report is run at the end of each week. This ensures that assets found don’t fall into the hated cracks.  Just sealing the hated cracks will pay your GSS support bill probably for years.


  1. Maintains “Appointment Profile” so that important information about each client’s appointment preferences are current and used. Believe it or not, taking care of tiny little details important to a client shows them that you care and you listen.


  1. Produces a report of client birth dates for the year so that the advisor can select those clients for a birthday lunch or special event. Birthday lunches enable you to get introduced to beneficiaries, parents, siblings, and other high net worth people your clients know that you want to know.


  1. When staff are not doing data entry or data classification correctly, the GSS sends emails so that everyone follows standard procedure. Data messes cause entire teams to virtually grind to a halt. Then what happens to that 24% or 36% growth rate?


  1. Helps coordinate fun events, special events, educational events, and appreciation events. These events not only generate goodwill, but they also produce referrals and introductions to the other high net worth people your clients want you to meet.
      1. Birthday letters go out every Friday. More goodwill and again helps deploy the “Become the Family Financial Advisor” strategy.


      1. Is continually alert for any team member not following “The Law.” This is the basic CYA action taken by all staff to protect the advisor’s business. This protects your entire business.


      1. Creates and customizes any Speedbuttons. Speedbuttons enable complex processes to be done with a click of the button saving advisor and other staff an immense amount of time.


      1. Creates new Speedbuttons or new campaigns. Campaigns of course drive new business.


      1. As the SA and staff identify beneficiaries, parents, siblings, attorney, CPA, residential real estate agent and insurance agent, the GSS enters these correctly so they can produce introductions, attendees to events, and first interviews with potential strategic partners. Financial services is of course a relationship business. The first step in creating a relationship-based business is identifying the most important relationships you need to have. These are “The Seven Critical Relationships.” It’s the job of the financial advisor and team to identify these people. Your GSS enters them correctly so that you can then use this information to expand your network.


      1. Produces updates and user-definable fields to advisor’s preferences. If the database exactly mirrors what the advisor wants to keep track of, he or she will most likely continue using it and do so successfully.


      1. A Gorilla System Specialist follows all of the steps on the GSS Task Checklist.


      1. Monitors Weekly Statistics Report and points out areas for improvement. A trained pair of eyes on the Weekly Statistics Report will always help increase  activities that actually produce business.


      1. As directed by the advisor, performs periodic “data purity” processes so that the advisor’s database does not become a data mass.

Ready to amplify your marketing efforts? Call Spencer Hicken at 888-495-7303, or schedule below to learn what a Gorilla System Specialist can do for your business. 

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