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Handholding Strategy

Financial Advisors Hand Holding Strategy

A fire drill to prepare for the Next Crisis (which is NOW)


Lou Harvey, President and CEO of DALBAR, arguably
the top market research firm in financial services, sent me this table. 

Before you read it, you should understand this acronym:
QAIB- Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior.

Since 1992, DALBAR has released 27 annual QAIB studies.
In every one, investors under-perform the markets. 


Investors who are not under the care of a pro-active financial advisor tends to buy high and sell low.

Handholding is a vital part of of any client retention strategy and
this single infographic makes the definitive case for it.

But if you want direction, google the phrase: “Financial Advisor Handholding strategy”. You’ll find us there ranking at the top.


Because we provide you with direction through all kinds of crises.
You can count on that.

Mini-Hand Holding Message Library

Each hand holding message below is formatted twice, once as a
letter and once as an email. Both are in the same Microsoft Word document.

The merge fields are those used in the CRM program that comes
with the Bill Good Marketing System®. You should replace these
with merge fields from your own CRM.

The inside address in the letter version is intended to fit in the
window of a #10 business window envelope. Do a test print or
two to ensure this format fits your envelope properly.

Important Note: Based on the current crisis, you may need to
tweak the message you’re sending to fit the current situation, or
its most recent development.

A brief description of each message follows. All the messages are in a single zip file. 

Brief Description of Financial Advisor
Hand Holding Messages

Coronavirus Contact Changes: This is a letter (for those clients who
do not have or frequently view their email) and an email explaining your new working conditions. You will have to adjust this for your situation.

React by Not Reacting: A powerful “stay the course” message in
both letter and email formats.

Time to Buy: This is an email that should be customized for select clients and prospects. The BGM Client who wrote the original of
this email sent 57 such emails. Each had a customized PS.
He recorded these results: 57 emails sent. 2 bad emails. 1 prospect passed away. 2 calls to invest $100k from clients. 1 email to invest
$5k from a client. 2 great email conversations with clients for
whom he is not Sole Provider which led to full financial planning appointments. 1 email to invest $750k from a client. 2 emails from clients who love his optimistic approach. 1 call from a prospect to touch base and think harder about moving forward. 2 prospect appointments.

What You Pay Us For: This is a powerful message that explains
what you do and (as an added benefit), suggests they share your
letter or email with a friend.

Tough Times

Tough times seem to start with a bang. Your total focus is to be the calm in troubled client waters and to swing into action with our
Hand Holding Strategy.

Probably the worst thing a financial advisor can do is stop promoting.

When you stop your client events, mailings and email broadcasts, seminars, direct mail, cold calling, or whatever else you are doing,
you begin to slip from people’s minds. Soon you disappear completely.

We are here to prevent that from happening. Our clients are continuing to grow their business despite the crisis. We are
providing them with the content, coaching, and support they need
to prevail through this, and yes, even come out on top.

We can help you too.

We believe that when this crisis ends, the market will rebound with
a bang and you need to be ready.

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