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How to Dominate Your Market in Three Years Webinar

Rhonda Ferguson​

Rhonda Ferguson

CFP®, CFS  Principal Planner

How to Dominate Your Market In 3 Years

Simple Strategies for Marketing Channel Mastery

Our guest today Rhonda Ferguson, is one of my best and longest-running clients. She’s mastered so many different forms of prospecting, from classic mass marketing channels like seminars and direct mail to more modern channels like relationship marketing and social media. 

More importantly, she absolutely dominates her local community. 

Pretty much anyone who’s anyone comes to her for financial advice.  If another FA came to me and said they wanted to set up shop in her town, I’d advise them to go somewhere else

She’s mastered many different forms of prospecting, from seminars and direct mail to relationship marketing and social media. She uses them all to dominate her market.

Now she’ll share her secrets with you!

In this webinar, Rhonda and I will detail the steps she took – and the steps she would take today – to dominate a specific market.  

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage your existing relationships to get introductions to the most desirable prospects in your market
  • How she targets the biggest employers in her area to dominate her market (if there’s one thing you need to learn, it’s this!)
  • How you can use social media to make prospecting easier and more effective (anyone can do this, even FAs whose broker/dealers don’t allow direct use of social media)
  • How to use mass marketing – like seminars and direct mail – to fill your pipeline full of leads (Rhonda used this to get started, but she rarely has to anymore)
  • How to use dripping the right way to keep leads flowing through your pipeline

Rhonda has truly created a marketing machine that allows her to totally dominate her market.  In fact, Rhonda’s market domination strategy has helped her bring in about $40,000,000 within the last year alone.  Here’s how Rhonda describes it:

Over the last year, we’ve helped people with accounts as small as $15,000. But most new clients were 500k to $1 million. A few more than that.  All told we will have invested about $40,000,000. And these folks are still sending us referrals of co-workers, friends, and neighbors that have nothing to do with the original campaigns we used to find them.

But here’s the thing: there is nothing in Rhonda’s market domination strategy that you cannot do on your own.   While Rhonda is just full of great ideas, they’re all common-sense ideas that anyone can do, whether you live in a big city or a small town. 

In my first book, Prospecting Your Way to Sales SuccessI wrote, “Select a limited market and seek to dominate it totally.”

That’s what Rhonda has done in Mississippi. 

And that’s what you can do, too. 

Oh, one more thing.  At the end of the webinar, you’ll get a special “goody basket” containing some of the materials Rhonda uses to dominate her market.  So really, there’s no excuse not to attend. 

If you have not already enrolled, DO IT NOW.  After all, you want to dominate your market, don’t you?

This webinar will show you how. 

Webinar Recording

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