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How to Get More Referrals Without Asking

How to Get More Referrals
Without Asking

Top Marketing Coach, Bill Good, Reveals the Secrets

Do you want MORE referrals?

Of course.

Are you TIRED of that awkward moment that comes after asking for a referral…which inevitably leads to nothing?

Would you like to LEARN a better way to get MORE referrals WITHOUT asking?

Back in the 1990s, I became the first sales manager in world history to tell his sales team, “Quit asking for referrals. It’s killing us.” No sales manager, coach, or guru has ever told you that, did they?  Let me be the first.    

Since that time, I’ve coached thousands of advisors to quit asking for referrals.  Many have
taken that advice. They implemented what I taught.  And they enjoyed success beyond even what I envisioned. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you should almost never ask for referrals
  • What the one exception to the “don’t ask” rule is
  • How to increase the number of unsolicited referrals you get every month
  • How to thank clients for their referrals and, in the process, develop more referrals

I will also teach you how to:

Get your clients to think of you firstFace it: if you are like the average advisor, at least 40% of your clients have another advisor.  To get more than your fair share of referrals, your clients have to think of you first whenever they are in a social situation where a financial advisor referral is appropriate.  I will show you how to make sure you are the primary advisor in your clients’ minds. 

Close the gap.  You have had countless clients tell you, “I referred you to a friend.” But the friend never called. That’s the referral gap, the difference between the number of clients who refer you and the number of referrals you actually receive.  The gap is staggering – as many as 20% of your clients, when surveyed, say they have provided a referral in the last 12 months.  But did you get that many?  Probably not.  You probably got closer to 3%.  If so, 17% is your referral gap.  I will show you how to close the gap. 

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