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How We’re Different

How We’re Different

The system that has helped advisors grow for 40 years




The idea that the whole should be more than merely the sum of its parts.

Some companies will provide you with marketing content. Others offer sales coaching and marketing strategies. And there’s no shortage of practice management options out there.

We’re the only company who provides it all – in the shape of one turnkey Marketing System. From our prospecting campaigns to our client marketing content, from our coaching to our technology, it’s all delivered together, enabling every aspect of your business to work in sync.

For example, our System contains:

Over 200 best practices, each taken and tested from the top producers in the financial services industry

14 different prospecting campaigns, each designed to help you target a different niche – from women to business owners to pre-retirees and more

5 client marketing campaigns to help you uncover and capture additional client assets not currently under your management

4,000+ educational, service, holiday, birthday, and inspirational messages so you can stay in front of your clients and prospects every month

31 proven strategies for every aspect of your practice – from prospecting to client marketing to branding and more.

The result? Quicker, more consistent growth.

Think about it: you strive to offer holistic solutions to your own clients. Shouldn’t your marketing be the same?

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When it comes to helping financial advisors grow their business, we are, quite simply, the first. For forty years, we’ve enabled advisors to implement what’s working right now so they keep moving forward regardless of changes to the industry or volatility in the markets. So whether you want to grow through classic channels like cold calling and seminars or more modern methods like referral- and digital marketing, our System still bring results no one else can replicate.

That’s because we have:

Been in business for 40 years

Helped advisors weather and grow through 3 major recessions

Coached advisors to adapt to changes in the industry long before anyone else – from computerization to use of the internet to the new DOL regulations and more

Worked with over 7,000 advisors – all subscribers to the Bill Good Marketing System. In addition, Bill has trained over 30,000 rookies during the past forty years.

2017 is our 40th anniversary!

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Our company slogan has always been “Double your production or work half as much.” Bold? Yes. Pie-in-the-sky? No way. We say it because our clients have done it, over and over and over. In fact, many users of the Bill Good Marketing System have accomplished multiple doubles!

On average, advisors using our System:

Grow 194% during the course of our relationship with them

Manage $88.5 million in AUM

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Ready to start your own “double”?

Call Jill Webster at 888-495-7303 to learn how the Bill Good Marketing System can help you.

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