International Women's Day 2019 - The Women of Bill Good Marketing - Bill Good Marketing

International Women’s Day 2019 – The Women of Bill Good Marketing

At Bill Good Marketing (BGM), #BalanceForBetter is something we know to be true. This IWD theme brings to mind not only how diversity in our team make us better, but how we help strengthen our communities when we lift women up in the workforce.

In recent years, many businesses, us included, have striven to improve accommodations and policies that affect women in the work place: Increased maternity leave, child care considerations, and even free tampons in office bathrooms. These are important pieces of the balancing act, but today we want to talk about fostering a culture where women are:

  • Given equal opportunity for positions of leadership,
  • Welcomed to share input on organizational developments,
  • Encouraged to pursue projects of interest, and
  • Invested in growing their professional skills.

At Bill Good Marketing, we didn’t make any special internal programs targeting women; we just didn’t deny talent based on who it was coming from. Empowering women in the workplace isn’t complicated. We’re a small company and the success of our business increases with every incremental advance made by each member. 

As of today, women make up the majority of BGM and are evenly dispersed through all departments and levels of leadership. We invited the women of BGM to share their experience on our team and are proud we can provide a platform for their stories.

Kate Brown, Head of HR/Office Manager

Kate Brown is our Head of HR and all things Office Management. She started working at age 14 and worked through hospitality to real estate before finding her place in human resources at a concert venue. We’ve been fortunate to have Kate on our team for a year and a half.

“BGM promotes individualism and a culture of equality.”

“In my personal experience, I feel that BGM has empowered me and other women in the work place through providing and promoting education, training, and professional development. I have been shown confidence in my ability to lead, assume more challenging roles, and I am allowed to vocalize my ideas. BGM promotes individualism and a culture of equality.”

Morgan Bennett, Marketing Specialist

“I felt like a stray animal that had been rescued.” 

Morgan Bennett is BGM’s Marketing Specialist who’s been on our team for almost six years. Morgan previously worked service industry and retail jobs while paying her way through college. She describes dealing with the all-too-common harassment experiences for women in those industries. “When it became something I expected to deal with, I realized that was just depressing. Not only did I expect it, but so did everyone else. It was just ‘part of the job’,so suck it up or get out.” She went looking for a better job and a better life, and we’re so glad she came 

Morgan began her career at BGM in data entry, but she showed ambitions beyond her position. We leveraged her passions to our mutual benefit. To hear her tell it, “I had wanted to get into digital art, animation, and web design ever since high school, but the cost of going back to school was astronomical. I started doing what I could to further develop my skills at home. When I brought up my interests to my boss, I was pleasantly surprised! We started working on training and looking into courses where I could develop myself professionally during my downtime at work. Now I’m working my way up to something I can actually call a career, and that just blows my mind. BGM has basically become my work family, and while there’s been both good times and hard times over the years, sticking with them has been the best thing ever for my professional development.”

 “Now I’m working my way up to something I can actually call a career, and that just blows my mind.”

Michelle Graves, Senior Business Consultant

Michelle Graves is an Air Force veteran and a rock star for our clients. She had to leave us once, but now that she’s back we hope she never has to leave again.

“My career with BGM began as a lead developer in 1992 before I was promoted to Gorilla sales about a year later. I left in 2002 when my husband, son and I moved to North Carolina, where I then spent 10 years in real estate. After moving back to Salt Lake City in early 2015, I re-joined the BGM team.

BGM has provided excellent training over the years, and has encouraged my professional growth, opinions, and talents, promoting me based on those. After more than 14 years with BGM and working with an industry that is male-dominated, BGM has always provided an environment that’s nothing less than equal.”

 “After more than 14 years with BGM and working with an industry that is male dominated, BGM has always provided an environment of nothing less than equal.”

Nashmeyah Al-Rekabi, Computer Operator

Nashmeyah is one of the newest members of the BGM team and a woman building her STEM career.

“When I was hired, I explained that I had been trying to find a job in the computer science field, but no one was willing to hire me because they wanted more on-field experience. It was just so troublesome,” Nashmeyah recounts of her job hunt. 

“I then go to a job interview that I almost received the position but they chose a male employee because they said he fit the job criteria better and that I was ‘too smart.’So, it was whether you’re too smart or not smart enough.

“Bill Good Marketing honestly gave me an opportunity no one else was offering.”

BGM gave me a chance to work in the computer science field while I am also training to be part of the IT department and working on web development projects on the side. Bill Good Marketing honestly gave me an opportunity no one else was offering: to grow in all aspects and not just stick to ‘what I’m good at’.”

Jenny Widmaier, VP of Administration

Jenny Widmaier is the daughter of Bill Good, our company founder, and has been around for the life of the company. “I’ve seen the ups, the downs, the ins and outs. The people who have come in and out of our lives have been as close, sometimes, as family,” says Jenny.

“I spent a lot of time at the office after school and sometimes on weekends as my parents worked to build a company that would be something for me and my siblings to inherit. I guess they figured that as long as Bill Good Marketing survived, we would always have jobs if we needed them.

In the process of building this future, they acquired more families to care for. They were clients, employees, friends and family. We became students of our own lessons: To be part of your clients’ personal lives. We did that.

We spent a weekend at a Colorado ranch with Bill Tennyson, a titan in the industry. We played poker all weekend long. I was 13. It was great fun. A few years later, when we lost Bill to a heart attack, I cried like I’d lost a favorite uncle.

[Pictured:Bill Good and Jenny Good]

And if that’s what it was like with clients, with the people who worked at Bill Good Marketing, it’s an even closer friendship. I grew up never considering that the people who worked for my dad were ‘people-who-worked-for-my-dad.’ They were my friends. They were family. They were people we went to the lake with, and who sometimes even lived next door. I played with their children. I knew their names. I still remember most of them, even though it’s been decades since they moved on to other places.

In all those years, it was never apparent to me that there was such a thing in the world as Gender Inequality. Why? Because it wasn’t something I ever witnessed at Bill Good Marketing.

“It’s just what it is. We hired them based on their qualifications. We promoted them based on their production. We supported them in the direction of their goals.”

The first person hired was a woman. She was with Bill Good Marketing for almost all of its nearly 40-year history.

Throughout the years, we’ve had many women who have worked here. They were hired based on their qualifications. They were put in roles of power. We’ve had females as CEO and executives. We’ve had female directors.  We’ve had females in the mail room who lifted heavy boxes and kept our materials shipped on time.

It’s just what it is. We hired them based on their qualifications. We promoted them based on their production. We supported them in the direction of their goals.

And to us, gender, like race, creed, and religion, just doesn’t matter. It’s all about fostering the individual needs of each person.

And that’s really all that matters.”

Here at Bill Good Marketing, we are fortunate to work with these and other outstanding women. We invest in our people because we know that talent isn’t gender-biased, and because a rising tide lifts all boats. We will continue working to keep the balance that makes us better by keeping our office a welcoming place for women and promoting equal opportunities to all Bill Good Marketing team members. We hope that more businesses will do the same.

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