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Is your CRM optimized to support your growth goals?

The days are getting longer, more motorcycles are out on the roads, tulips are eagerly blooming. Spring is here.  Finally!  An important part of the season is spring cleaning. While you may be in the habit of cleaning out your fridge and reorganizing your closets, you might not be thinking about your digital clutter.

If all your data were on paper it would be pretty obvious when things are getting out of hand, but computers hide messy data a bit too well. If your practice relies on a CRM (Gorilla or otherwise) to manage your client’s information, the quality and organization of your data will directly impact the functionality of your business. Accurate data is the backbone of your marking and sales campaigns. Every data base is constantly trending towards chaos and the more data you have the more opportunities for chaos. 


Here are some tips to figuring out if your data is in need of a deep cleaning.


  1. Is known information where you expect it to be?

 Do you know that your client is married but their spouses name is missing? Do you have certain information that might be in one of three possible places for each client (rather than the same place every time)?


  1. Are there gaps in your data?

 Is there something that every client should have on file? Such as a birth date. Can you run a report to see what percentage of your clients have that information? Is it at least 98%?


The following tips relate to functions in Bill Good Marketing’s Gorilla CRM. If you are using a different CRM there may be different methods that you track these data that, when well managed and implemented, should direct most of your marketing and prospecting efforts.


  1. Are you capturing important dates?

Important dates can be work anniversaries, marriage anniversaries, graduations, date they opened a business. If you aren’t seeing these in your database it isn’t because they don’t exist, you aren’t capturing them. By discovering, tracking, and participating in people’s important dates, you can leverage them into more goodwill, more introductions, and more business.


  1. Watch out for excessive categories in customized fields.

Gorilla contains 29 user-definable choice fields. After a while it is common that many choices have been added but odds are not all of them are still being used or functioning effectively. Doing a little housekeeping will help improve the effectiveness of your relationship management efforts.


Check for long lists in these categories and validate which ones are needed:


Contact group filters 

There should be around ten to fifteen types of filters for your contact groups. These filters define the different professional relationship categories you can have with any given individual. In Gorilla examples of these filters are: clients, prospects, personal contacts, strategic partners, mass mail, connections.



Keywords record information for use in a Selection Rule whenever that data cannot be stored anywhere else that a Rule can access. Thus creating small, specialized lists.

Keywords can function as impermanent tags to help track accounts in transitions or in need of attention such a “danger” tag to be placed on a file that has a service issue until the service issue is resolved. The number of keywords is not as important as making sure that any keywords that you’re no longer using get removed and that you do not have redundant keywords.



The interests field identifies not only to track investment interests but also personal interests. Which can be leveraged for many relationship management strategies. This is how you will realize if many of your ‘A’ clients love to ski and decide to do a skiing trip as a client appreciation event.  Gardening, Wine, and Cooking are some of the most popular interests you are likely to  find in your clients. Knowing who to invite to which event is key to great engagement and ROI.  One risk here is listing the same interest under different titles such as “golf”, “golfing”, “golfer”. Pick one.


  1. Validate your client salutations.

Print out your clients list and send it around the office. Verify if your client’s names and salutations align with what you each know about how the client likes to be addressed. Provide your computer operator with the marked-up list to input any updates


These are just a few of the tasks that will bring your database back from the brink of chaos. This will ensure that your practice is running to optimize your opportunities, not hide them.


For our Gorilla CRM users, the Data Purification Checklist can take you through a 4-part deep clean project. This project is intended for a computer operator or can be done as a remote service from Bill Good Marketing.

To learn more about how to optimize your data and streamline your CRM visit or contact us at [email protected]. You can also find us on Facebook and LinkedIn if you like to get social.

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