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More Value + More Activity = More Assets Webinar

Chad Henry

President / Forthright Financial Planning

More Value + More Activity = More Assets

How to turn clients, prospects, and strategic partners into raving fans

Every day, Chad refuses to leave the office until he has done at least one thing for a strategic partner that deepens their relationship.  The result is tens of millions in assets from strategic partner referrals each year. 

Each week, Chad scours his book for one new thing he can do for a client that none of his competitors do.  The result is that his clients willingly attend his seminars, just to talk him up to his prospects. 

Every month, Chad delivers at least one “commission-free idea” to his prospects, so that when they come in to see him, they already think of him as the financial advisor they want to work with.  The result is that most prospects close in just one appointment. 

In short, Chad Henry adds value every day, week, month, and year.  Of course, by adding value to others, he adds something for himself: More assets.  And on this webinar, Chad will show which activities will help you add the most value, too. 

When it comes to adding value, the good news is that it doesn’t require huge, expensive initiatives.  In fact, it is little things, done consistently, that will turn your clients, prospects, and strategic partners into raving fans that give you more business and more referrals.  

On this webinar, Chad will share some of the most important “little things” he’s discovered, including:

  • Which activities add the most value for clients, prospects, and strategic partners.

  • How he comes up with new ideas so frequently.

  • How to consistently improve your service by just 1%, and how it makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • His “mini-campaign” process that he runs on select clients – this is an amazing way to get more assets and referrals!

  • The “commission-free ideas” that will wow your prospects.

  • Why most advisors don’t get nearly as many referrals from strategic partners as they could, and what to do about it.

  • And more!

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