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New AUM for the New Year Webinar

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New AUM for the New Year

Four Top Prospectors Reveal Their Strategies for Next Year

Over the last month, I’ve had some extraordinary conversations with four advisors about how they have raised an extraordinary amount of new AUM.  With each, I asked, “What’s the single biggest source of your growth, and how have you mastered it?”

As I proceeded to scribble notes as fast as I could, I realized three things:

  1. Each of these advisors is dominating a specific prospecting channel by doing something very simple: focusing on a few key best practices within that channel.
  2. Their insights are so valuable, they need to be shared with the outside world.
  3. With 2018 just around the corner, you must start planning next year’s prospecting

Then I thought to myself, “Bill, why not host a panel so people can hear from all four of these advisors at the same time?” 

Fortunately for both you and me, all four graciously accepted.  So, on December 20, I am going to hold the BIGGEST WEBINAR OF 2017.  Four superstar advisors, each showing you how they consistently find and close new prospects. 

In This Webinar You'll Hear From

Rob Rose
Referrals & Strategic Partnerships

Based in North Carolina, Rob has over $300M in AUM.  He has doubled his production three times over, and is on track for a fourth.  His specialty is referral marketing and strategic partnerships.  On this webinar, Rob will give you some insight into how he raised $50 million in 2017 alone, mostly from these two channels. 

Josh Packard
Cold Calling

Back in 2013, Josh was in the penalty box.  His production had fallen below that near fatal mark, and his payout was cut to 20%.  For most, assignment to the penalty box is a career kiss of death.  But Josh had other ideas.  Fast forward to 2017.  Josh now has about $287 million in AUM.  His revenue for 2017?  About $1.5 million

Josh’s prospecting specialty is cold calling.  On this webinar, he’s going to show you how he raised $200M over the last four years from cold calling and developing accounts that came from cold calling.

Steve Robbins
Direct Mail & Website Marketing

Steve Robbins and his Director of Operations, Lisa Avenevoli, run one of the sharpest practices I’ve ever encountered.  And while Steve’s prospecting strategy is built around far more than just direct mail or his website, he’s taken two traditionally difficult channels and turned them into consistent sources of new prospects.  As they are based in eastern Missouri, Steve and Lisa deal primarily with smaller accounts than advisors on the coasts – and yet they still bring in millions every year from these two channels! 

Neil McPeak, Jr.
Seminar Marketing from Scratch

New Jersey advisor Neil McPeak, Jr. is an Associate Vice President in a billion-dollar practice.  As a Wharton graduate, he has tons of sophistication in all kinds of securities analysis, but until this year, he had worked almost solely with existing clients. 

Starting last January, our mission became: Push Neil out the door and make rain, mostly through seminars. 

Easy?  Not so much.  His first two mailings didn’t look promising.  So we re-engineered his seminar process. 

First year results: four seminar mailings, eight events, and $10M in new assets already closed with another $10M on the way.  Total new AUM for 2017: $29M.  (Forecast: the “Associate VP” title will soon be history.) 

On this webinar, you will learn exactly what Neil did to turn a bleak present into a bright seminar future. 

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