Pandemic Prospecting Secrets with Your Redtail CRM Webinar - Bill Good Marketing

Pandemic Prospecting Secrets with Your Redtail CRM Webinar

Bill Good
Founder and President BGM

Pandemic Prospecting Secrets with Your Redtail CRM Webinar

Grow Your Business with the Bill Good Marketing System Powered by the REDTAIL CRM

Your host Bill Good wrote the book on prospecting, Hot Prospects – How to Generate and Develop Sales Leads to Expand Your Business. He’s also been helping advisors double and triple their businesses for 43 plus years, so he definitely knows proven methods for sales success. 

To grow your business even amid the storm, you must keep what you’ve got. If you get one new client through the front door but lose another through the back door, what’s the point? The key is productive prospecting.

Most importantly, Bill will show you how to wrap your arms around your clients to keep them from even thinking about looking at another advisor. Remember, just as you are planning to go prospecting, other big teams are looking into your backyard. 

On this webinar, Bill will share with you:

  • The 10 new client/new asset channels. You already have two of these operating now. You need three or four channels to have a rapidly growing business.
  • The 11 requirements for a Redtail “campaign-ready database.” Hint: if your data is not “campaign-ready,” you will accidentally exclude both families and individuals from your letters and email. Even worse, your letters and email will not be addressed correctly. The result? Your dream of making a good first impression will be dead-on-arrival.
  • The six-part strategy to absorb a purchased book. Yes, some advisors will be ready to throw in the towel. Books will go on the block. You can buy them at a discount. Can you absorb them? You can if you know these steps.
  • How to handhold your clients and prospects. You’ll learn why letters are essential, how emails should be used, how to structure your client calls, and how to contact prospects.
  • How to manage multiple seminars with Redtail. Yes, seminars and workshops will come back. Why? Because pandemic or no pandemic, people are still turning 65. They need to know their Social Security options. They need to understand Medicare. Seminars will happen. Some will be virtual. All will maintain social distancing. Learn how to make yours stand out.

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