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The COVID-19 pandemic is the single most impactful event in the financial services industry since the Great Recession.

After causing the fastest bear market in history, it continues to drive the hopes and fears of every investor, which in turn drives the markets.

For many of you, this pandemic has changed:

  • How you manage your office/team.
  • How you communicate and meet with clients.
  • The overall client experience.
  • The technology you use on a daily basis.
  • What forms of prospecting you can and cannot pursue.
  • How you balance your work life and family life, especially for those of you who have small children.
  • Your overall business plan for 2020-2021.

At Bill Good Marketing, we help advisors double their production or work half as much, but both sides of that equation have been impacted by the pandemic.

This conference was designed to address the changes you, and other advisors, are experiencing right now. As well as to get you ready for the growth that will come after recovery.


Chad Henry​

Chad Henry

Bill Good​

Bill Good

Matt Hicken​

Matt Hicken

Ray Dunlap​

Ray Dunlap

Rhonda Ferguson​

Rhonda Ferguson

Ed Blumenthal​

Ed Blumenthal

More Coming Soon!

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Day 1, October 22nd

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST

10:00 AM Welcome & Orientation
  Bill Good & Frantz Widmaier
10:15 AM Pandemic Prospecting I:
Strategies for getting more referrals and client assets in a pandemic.
  Mike Birch, Matt Hicken, and Matt Bailey
11:15 AM Break
11:30 AM Service at a (Social) Distance:
How to create a red-carpet client experience in a black swan year.
  Rhonda Ferguson, Ray Dunlap, and Tom Vaughan | with host Matt Bailey
12:30 PM Break
1:00 PM Pandemic Practice Mgmt:
Processes that save time, reduce stress, and pandemic-proof your practice.
  Ed Blumenthal | with host Tony Parmenter
2:00 PM Break
2:15 PM A New Way to Find the Money:
Using technology to capture more out-of-house assets.
  Tom Vaughan | with host Mike Birch
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM The Pandemic List:
BGM staff reveal what’s working now.
  Mike Birch, Matt Hicken, Tony Parmenter, Dan Hittle, and Adam Jensen  
4:30 PM Adjourn

Day 2, October 23rd

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST

10:00 AM Pandemic Prospecting II:
How to prospect to HNW and UHNW markets.
  Josh Packard and John McCallister | with host Bill Good
11:30 AM Break
11:45 AM If You Film It, They Will Come:
How to leverage video to spread your brand and build your business.
  Brian Butler and Dan Langworthy | with host Matt Bailey  
12:45 PM Break
1:00 PM Philosophy 101:
How to effectively communicate and sell your investment philosophy.
  Jim Minich and Ed Blumenthal | with host Matt Hicken
2:00 PM Break
2:15 PM Pandemic Prospecting III:
Mastering Virtual Seminars.
  Chad Henry | with host Mike Birch
3:15 PM Break
3:30 PM News from the Future:
What BGM is working on to help you get through this pandemic.
  Frantz Widmaier, Matt Hicken, and Matt Bailey
4:30 PM Adjourn


Service at a (Social) Distance:

How to create a red-carpet client experience in a black swan year

Overview: Whether it was post 9/11 or the Great Recession, clients remember how their advisors responded during a crisis. That’s why the most important thing you can do to survive and thrive during this pandemic is to maintain an outstanding, memorable client experience. Rather than think of social distancing as a barrier to serving your clients, you should see it as an opportunity to take your service to a higher level than ever. By doing that, you will not only retain your clients. You will find more of their assets, receive more referrals, and ensure these key relationships last a lifetime. On this panel, you will learn what three top advisors are doing to deepen their client relationships, grow their practices, and make clients continually say, “Thank heavens for my financial advisor.”

Topics covered:

Ray Dunlap:

  • 30-minute reviews: How Ray re-imagined his review process for the pandemic and blew his clients away with it.
  • Service Speedbuttons: How Ray uses Gorilla to automate all of his service and handholding processes to save time and build enormous goodwill.
  • Going the Extra Mile: How embracing a “Ritz Carlton” mindset – using everything from handwritten notes to Grub Hub® – helped Ray generate new client assets and client referrals, even when things were at their lowest point.

Rhonda Ferguson:

  • Social Media: How Rhonda uses Facebook® to keep clients engaged, maintain Top of Mind Awareness, and spread her brand.
  • Taking client Zoom® meetings to the next level. (Spoiler: Costumes may be involved!) 
  • More Better: How re-emphasizing the basics – including dripping and 90-day calls – have helped Rhonda bring in over $20M in 2020.

Tom Vaughan:

  • Video Handholding: How Tom uses daily videos to keep his clients calm, generate new business, and save his team hundreds of hours of work.
  • Virtual Client Events: How Tom is staging full-blown client appreciation and education events online.

Pandemic Prospecting: Mastering Virtual Seminars with Chad Henry

How to consistently generate new assets through virtual seminars

Overview: For decades, Bill has taught that you must always, always be prospecting.  That’s still true during a pandemic.  Why?  Because people still need financial advice…and because most of your competitors aren’t doing it!  That means you have an opportunity to dominate your market like never before. 

Traditionally, one of the best ways to prospect was to hold seminars.  So it should come as no surprise that seminars are still one of the best ways!  The only difference is that now, you must hold your seminars online instead of in-person.  Chad Henry, perhaps the top seminar producer in the industry, has cracked the code for making virtual seminars – AKA webinars – become a consistently effective way to generate new assets.  During this session, Chad will show you how to transform your seminars and client events into equally successful virtual events.    

Topics covered:

  • How Chad transformed his time-tested in-person seminars into equally effective virtual seminars
  • The technology Chad uses to make his virtual seminars stand out and look great
  • How Chad promotes his virtual seminars using a Voicemail Campaign
  • How to adapt your seminar presentation and keep attendees equally engaged
  • Online Selling: How to turn virtual seminar attendees into actual hot prospects who request an appointment
  • How Chad holds virtual client events to ramp up his referral marketing and get lots of warm introductions


A New Way to Find the Money featuring Tom Vaughan

Using technology to capture more client assets than ever!

Overview: Top advisors know that one of the biggest sources of growth is their own book. Over the last two years, no one has proven that more than Tom Vaughan. Over the last year alone, he found $153 million in new assets from his existing clients!

While meeting with clients, Tom discovered that he had an incredible tool for finding money: His account aggregation program. But it’s not the program itself that matters so much as how he uses it. By combining it with his client review process, the Find the Money Questions he asks, and a few other pieces of key technology (that you probably already have in your stack), Tom was able to find assets he never would have otherwise. What’s more, his process enables him to close those assets easily and efficiently.

The great thing about what Tom is doing is that almost every advisor can replicate it, even if you don’t use the exact same technology he does. That’s because it’s not the name on the front of the software that matters, it’s the process behind it. At Pandemicon, Tom will show you how to make the process of finding and capturing client assets more powerful than ever before.

Topics covered:

  • Tom’s asset aggregation tool and how he uses it to both find assets and capture them easily during client reviews.  
  • How to structure your client reviews so people want to hand you their out-of-house assets.  
  • The 15 questions Tom asks that makes clients squirm – and why that’s critical when it comes to capturing outside assets.  (Hint: How you talk about risk is a big factor.)  
  • The key pieces of Tom’s technology stack, and why ignoring them means you’re probably leaving money on the table.


Stay tuned!
More speakers and topics will be announced soon. 

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