Building the Perfect System: How this FA doubled 3x in the last 9 years

Building the Perfect System: An FA with $420 million in AUM shares his best practices

Next week, I’m holding a special webinar you do NOT want to miss.  I will be reviewing the results of a 10-year experiment — results that could have a profound impact on your own practice.

About a decade ago, an advisor named Rob Rose (that’s him on the left) came to me and said, “I want to build the perfect system.”  I was so intrigued by what he proposed, I let him hire one of my best employees — because I wanted to see it done!

This is the result:

Since 2009, Rob has doubled his business THREE times.
He now has $420 million in AUM.
He’s gone from 50% fees to 95%.

Here’s what is even more important the numbers: Rob has built an unbelievable system.  There are dozens of aspects to running a financial practice.  Rob has developed a tested process for almost all of them.  He’s taken the best practices I’ve taught him, refined them, customized them, and improved them.  And he’s discovered a host of best practices on his own.

Is it a perfect system?  Not exactly.

But it’s probably the closest I’ve ever seen.

On Wednesday, May 16, and Thursday, May 17, Rob and I will give you an inside look at that system. 

Building the Perfect System: The Most Important Best Practices You Need to Know

with special guest, Rob Rose

Wednesday, May 16
4:00pm EST
Register Here

Thursday, May 17
12:00pm EST
Register Here

Here’s what you’ll learn from Rob on this webinar:

  • The most important best practices Rob has discovered, the ones you MUST implement to grow.
  • How Rob has structured his team, and why that structure is so crucial to his success.
  • The mistakes Rob has made along the way that you can avoid.
  • The key lessons Rob has learned over the last 10 years.

What makes Rob so successful: 

As the stats above prove, Rob is one of the best in the industry at setting a goal, planning how he wants to get there, and then creating simple, repeatable processes to make it happen.  For example, when he set a goal to get to $1 million in production, he achieved it.  Same for $2 million.  Right now, he’s at $3.5 million in production, and he’ll be well over $4 by the end of the year.

In fact, he’s still doing so well, he just brought in $24M in new AUM during the FIRST QUARTER ALONE!  He’s shooting for $100M overall in 2018. 

Yes, you read that right.  $100 million in a year.

Pie in the sky?  Not for Rob.

How does Rob do all this?  By implementing as many BEST PRACTICES as he can, and then turning them into repeatable processes that all belong to a single system.

Special Bonus – The Goody Basket

By attending this webinar, you’ll also receive access to a “goody basket” I’ve prepared containing resources Rob uses.

So if you want to grow your business in 2018 and beyond;

If you want to implement more best practices;

If you want to emulate what the best FAs in the industry are doing;

Then you need to attend this webinar.  Join us for:

Building the Perfect System: The Most Important Best Practices You Need to Know

with special guest, Rob Rose

Wednesday, May 16
4:00pm EST
Register Here

Thursday, May 17
12:00pm EST
Register Here

I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!



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