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Mastery Bundle – Plus Pandemicon


This bundle includes the Mastering Relationship Management Course, the Prospecting Mastery Course, Plus the Pandemicon 2020 Recordings. 

When you bundle you can save by getting all 3 for $1,295



Pandemicon 2020 

Access all 10 sessions designed to address the changes you, and other advisors, are experiencing right now. As well as to get you ready for the growth that will come after recovery. More Details

Mastering Relationship Management Course

Mastering Relationships is the key to organic growth.  Increasing AUM from existing clients, referrals and strategic partnerships are the 3 main facets of organic growth. While every member of your staff and every client interaction is part of the relationship, a properly trained relationship manager is key! 

The online course will cover:

  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Personal Relationship Development
  • Client Relationship Development
  • Becoming the Trusted Advisor
  • Becoming the Family Advisor
  • How to Keep Assets from Flying
  • Lead Development
  • Contact Management Marketing
  • So much more!

Prospecting Mastery Course
This four-day online course is for the Sales Assistant or Advisor. It covers more than 20 subjects you will need to know to enhance your prospecting activities.

  • Lead Development
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Phone Skills
  • List Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Direct Mail
  • So much more

You’ll have access to all three courses for every member of your team for 12 months. The three are valued at $3,285, and you can get them all today for just $1,295!

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