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Ric Lager Masterclass – Membership

By purchasing this product you will be paying for your the first 3-hour session of the Ric Lager Masterclass – $1500 USD. Following this purchase you will be billed $800 automatically every month.

Upon purchasing a seat for the Ric Lager Masterclass, you will gain access to the following:

  • Exclusive Slack Channel to chat with other classmates and message Ric directly with questions
  • Ric’s special sales and prospecting materials
  • Recordings of all future sessions of the Ric Lager Masterclass
  • One 3-hour long kick off session
  • Ten 1-hour long monthly mastermind calls

Upon your purchase you will be contacted by a member of our onboarding team to get you set up for the class.

Have questions before your purchase? Give us a call at: 1(800) 678-1480 EXT. 1302

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