How to Become a More Productive Advisor

Advisor Productivity

How to do more, sell more, and grow more



In 1985, I conducted what I believe to be the first study in the financial services industry to see what advisors do with their time. During the course of this study, I made a surprising discovery:

Advisors are worth $1,000 an hour when they are meeting and talking to clients and prospects.

Read that again. $1,000 an hour! It was true then and it’s still true today. That’s how much you’re worth.

But is it how much you’re making?

If the answer is “NO” or “I don’t know”, then it’s time to take action. The first step, of course, is to build a proper team. You can learn more about this on our Team Development page. The second step is to maximize the number of sales contacts you make during the time available for work. To do that, you need a “Model Day”. Check out our Time Management page for more information.

The third step is to increase your own productivity.

While I’ve conclusively proved that an advisor is worth $1,000 an hour when meeting and talking with clients, there are always other tasks that need your attention. Emails have to be responded to. Actions need to be dictated to your staff. Records need to be kept.

These tasks are arduous and take away from the activities that make you worth $1,000 an hour. The solution? Do them more efficiently. Do them more quickly. Do them better.

Here are a few tools I recommend to help you become a more productive advisor:

  1. Copytalk. This is a fantastic dictation service that allows you to call in meeting notes, dictate emails, and dictate instructions for your staff from your cell phone. I personally use Copytalk almost every day. Call [Name] at [Number] to learn more, or visit
  2. Dragon Naturally Speaking. Rather than a dictation service, this is dictation software. I use it whenever I need to dictate larger blocks of text than Copytalk can handle. If you take the time to train on the program (especially if you are a lousy typist), this will be a huge boost to your productivity.
  3. Auto Text. You already own this. It’s built into Outlook and Word. But you need to practice it. I’ve put some instructions on creating and naming Auto Text entries in the video on the right-hand side of this page.


Remember: you are worth $1,000 an hour when meeting and talking with clients and prospects. Whether you actually earn that much depends on your own productivity. Now you have the tools to take your productivity to the next level.

Bill Good Marketing – The Only Practice Management System Designed to Help Advisors Do More, Sell More, and Grow More

Of course, it’s not enough just to have the tools. You also need a System to help you use them properly. That’s where Bill Good Marketing comes in.

The Bill Good Marketing System is a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting, and practice management system. From our extensive library of strategies, procedures, and documents to our personalized coaching services, we have everything you need to build a proper team, manage time properly, and increase your productivity.

So ask yourself: do you want to be more productive?

Do you want to do more, sell more, and grow more?


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