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Free Two-Year Prospecting Plan

Aim for the Back of the Head


"There's no such thing as a free lunch."

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winning Economist

"There is such a thing as a free prospecting plan!"

Bill Good, Master Marketer


Who Are Your Best Prospects Post-Covid?​

In our FREE “Two-Year Prospecting Plan,” you will get answers to these questions:

  • How many prospects do I need?
  • Which ones do I need right now?
  • Where do I start?
  • How many client referrals should I expect from my clients each year?
  • What can I reasonably expect to accomplish in two years?
  • How much prospecting is required to double?
  • How long does it take to double my business?

You have come to the right place.

Countless advisers have told us:

“I need more prospects.”

“I don’t have enough people to talk to.”

“My pipeline is skinny.”

And on and on and on.

How Many Prospects are Enough?​

Let’s go back to that question:

“How many prospects do I need?”

The general answer is: You need more prospects than you can easily follow up on. “Too many” is the right amount.

But you want specifics, don’t you?

You need a Prospecting Plan.




Your Goodie Basket is part of the process.

With a bit of time invested on your part, you will immediately start to improve a vital prospecting channel, client referrals
You can have more client referrals. Soon.

Your  Goodie Basket contains:

  • Playlist – Referrals without Asking. 
    This playlist contains a link to a webinar that will shatter your thinking on referrals. 
  • The Referral Challenge.

While we are analyzing your data and setting up for a call to find out how many prospects you need, you should get started immediately by listening to Referrals without Asking.

Yes. I want to know how many prospects I need.

First, you’ll fill out a short datasheet.  

At most, we need 15 minutes of your time.

The instant you complete the datasheet, you will get immediate access to a “Goodie Basket.” 

You want client referrals to contact YOU.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?  That gets your heart beating, right?

After you have heard Referrals without Asking, you will understand a key concept: 

NEVER ask for referrals.

Every sales manager you ever had told you, “You need to ask your clients for referrals.”

Guess what?
You don’t. And you shouldn’t.

Now that you understand what NEVER to do, I want you to take the Referral Challenge


OK. I'm in. I want my prospecting plan.

“What’s the Referral Challenge?” you ask.

It’s a conversation with the next 25 clients you talk to.  This conversation will prove that you can get referrals without asking
I challenge you to prove I’m wrong. Have 25 referral conversations.  That’s the “Referral Challenge!”

Give us the data we need to start on your prospecting plan.

When you complete the datasheet, you will immediately be taken to the Goodie Basket. 
Use the tools to start improving your referral marketing.

And we’ll get started on your plan.

Your Two-Year Prospecting Plan Includes​

Estimate the real number of prospects you need.

Once we have identified the four prospecting channels you need, we can then give you an answer to your question, “How many prospects is enough?”


Do You Make These Mistakes in Prospecting?

You don’t have a plan.

Your plan is a wish list. 

You wish you had a plan. 

And if wishes were horses, beggars could ride

So stop wishing for more prospects and start taking action.


Written Two-Year Prospecting Plan

We have developed nine prospecting channels. You need three or preferably four channels pumping to achieve your prospecting goal. Together, we will analyze your business and your preferences to determine the four channels best for you.

Prospecting Plan Infrastructure Guide

Suppose you want to build something, say a treehouse for your kids or grandkids. You would need a list of stuff to buy from The Home Depot® or Lowe’s®.

If you are going to prospect, you need some “infrastructure,” some stuff, don’t you?

That’s what you will get in your Prospecting Plan Infrastructure Guide.

The Goodie Basket will be all yours the second you Submit .

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