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Financial Advisor Prospecting Resource Page

Financial Advisor Prospecting Resource Page

Across the board, my "Best Practices 2011" showed that advisors today want "more prospecting" and a "better way to prospect." These go together, don't they? If you have a better way, you will tend to do it more. It's when it doesn't work that you don't want to keep doing it.

So I have pulled together some prospecting resources for you.

Many of these resources require registration. If you have not already registered, register here now. Give us a few pieces of information, and we will give you the key to the most awesome marketing and prospecting library for financial advisors anywhere.

You should start with our FREE

This will give us (and you) an idea of where to start. The great economist, Milton Friedman, said: "There is no such thing as a free lunch." The great financial advisor marketing coach, Bill Good, said: "There is such a thing as free marketing for a financial advisor. Click on the link above to get started.

Testing Campaigns

Of course you read, "Basic Prospecting Mistake #1: Don't Let This Blunder Derail Your Prospecting Campaigns". But just in case you missed it, I have packaged it with "Testing Campaigns." If you understand the concept of testing and then following the guidelines in "Testing Campaigns," you have an excellent shot at prospecting success.

Financial Advisor Leads:
Where to Start

Prospecting starts with lead generation. You have to do something to make the phone ring, or generate some kind of response.

That response is called a lead. A referral is your best lead.

We'll start there.

Take the Referral Challenge

No matter how many clients you have, it's better to do referral marketing "The Good Way." That means: DO NOT ASK FOR REFERRALS. You must learn instead to PROMOTE REFERRALS.

If you have one client or five hundred, you need to know how to do this. If you have just a few clients, you can't wait until you have a lot. Start early. If you have a lot, it's not too late.

Step 1: How big is your referral deficit? (That's the difference between the referrals you should get, and the number you do get. You will be shocked. Click on the link and answer five questions about the referrals you have received in the last year. We will get in touch with you and tell you how many you should have received and why.

Step 2: Take the referral challenge. I challenge you to call ten clients and use one of my referral promotion scripts. See for yourself. The link above will take you to my "Referral Challenge" page. Before you make the calls, download and read "Referrals Happen." Then download my script and call ten clients.

Best Financial Advisor Cold Calling Scripts

You may be at a point in your career where cold calling is just not an option. But before you throw away that idea, consider this: Cold calling does work. I know people who are effectively doing it.

Study my 16 Best Financial Advisor Cold Calling Scripts. Maybe just one will work for you. But that might be all it takes.

Seminar Success Zone: Your Key to Marketing Financial Services?

Seminars don't work today, right? My guess is that the people telling you this are doing it successfully themselves. They just don't want you in their market. Granted, financial seminar marketing today is tougher than ever.

To be profitable, you need to master the six factors that make up what I have called "The Seminar Success Zone.

Improve your financial services marketing here. Go to my Success Zone page. Learn the factors. Download the white paper.

Bill Good's book, Hot Prospects, is the financial advisor's step by step guide for prospecting success. This book can build a strong and loyal book of business in any economic climate. A definite "must have" for any Financial Professional's bookshelf.

Ready to start your prospecting golden age?

Call Jill Webster at 888-495-7303 to learn how the Bill Good Marketing System can help you.

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