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Welcome to The Ric Lager Master class

From technical analysis to presentations. Messaging to LinkedIn® campaigns. This Master Class will guide you through bringing leads in the door to build your own 401(k) advice business.

About this master class

Market volatility is on the rise...

A recession is coming. Of course, it’s always coming isn’t it? You must be there for your clients and their co-workers to help them manage what is likely their biggest investment asset.

How do you provide that advice, while getting paid for it?

In the past, you might have stayed away from this type of business due to one or more of these three questions:

  1. How do you get this compliance approved?
  2. How do you provide the value needed to make clients comfortable with the billing?
  3. How do you work out billing, since none of us wants to be a bill collector?

About this master class

We have the answers.

In this Master Class, we will answer each of these questions thoroughly, but here’s a sample:

  1. We have all the documentation and scripting needed to get this approved through any compliance office that allows management of held-away assets.
  2. We will help you further establish or better communicate your investment management value. The average investor will set their holdings and forget it. That can work for the very long-term, but not within the retirement red-zone. Those investors who try to tactically manage it themselves, unfortunately, prove time and time again they under-perform the basic index.
  3. We will provide some recommendations for outsourcing this or how to work with your back office to get this done for you.

About this master class

What makes this master class so Unique?

Ric has spent years digging deep to find all the resources and experts to teach him. He has mastered each phase of developing an individual 401(k) advice business.

Unlike other programs where they might give you the theories or even broad steps, Ric will be giving you everything you need. From scripts to profile wording. From connection requests to compliance documents. Ric has it all ready for you to re-write and get this business in place for you.

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meet Your Guide

Who is Ric Lager?

Ric Lager is president of Lager & Company, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

For the last twenty-one years Lager & Company, Inc. has specialized in advising retirement plan participants to help preserve the value of their retirement plan in the early stages of a stock market decline; then invest in the right kinds of stocks, mutual funds, and ETF’s when the stock markets move back up.

Ric Lager successfully completed the ACCREDITED INVESTMENT FIDUCIARY™ Program at the Center for Fiduciary Studies, a nationally recognized training organization for fiduciaries. AIF™ Program graduates are specially trained in investment fiduciary responsibility and portfolio management.

Ric Lager has been a past instructor at the Dorsey Wright Global Online University, teaching financial advisors how to build and manage a retirement plan investment advice business. Ric was also a featured presenter at several Dorsey Wright Advanced Broker and 401(k) Advice Institutes.

Ric Lager was part of the originial “No More Pies” seminar for investment professionals.

How this Master class works

exclusive monthly calls

We’ll get you launched right out of the gate with enough information and a campaign to begin advising on your clients currently held 401(k) plans. In our initial three hour course we will give you what you need to get an initial return on your class investment.

From there, we will work together each month in live, monthly webinars. In these webinars we will drill down on each aspect of your 401(k) business. You will leave each webinar as an expert on that topic.

Of course, we won’t just leave you hanging out there until our monthly webinar. We have opened a private messaging channel for this course. Ric, along with our team here at Bill Good Marketing, will be available to answer your questions at any time.

Do not buy this Master Class...

Invest in it.

This 3-hour course will not only get you fired up about getting your 401(k)-advice business going, but we’ll even help you take the first steps.

We will provide a step-by-step guide for client and prospect 401(k) advice marketing, development, and maintenance of this niche investment advisory business.

Once you have the foundation, we’ll get you started on the client 401(k) Find the Money Campaign. This will help you expand your client relationships to include 401(k) advice for your client household’s current and past 401(k)s.

Over the full year, you will get everything Ric spent years gathering and learning to run a successful 401(k) advice business. This will include all the client and prospect marketing materials, resource links, and supporting presentation slides.

We will take all that information and break it down into monthly calls. You will leave these hour-long calls with a mastery of the knowledge and tools to fully implement this niche business.

Ric Lager Master Class

$ 1,500 + 800 per mo.
  • Access to an exclusive 3-hour long training course
  • Virtual Monthly Training Sessions through the end of 2023
  • Access to Ric's Private Collection of 401(k) Sales Documents
  • Direct access to Ric, BGM Staff, and other classmates via an exclusive chat software (Slack)

Faq's about the Class

Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we get questions about our classes. Feel free to check out these Frequently Asked Questions about the Ric Lager Master Class in particular. 

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact our team at 888-495-7303 and we will be happy to clear up any additional questions!

Yes, this class will start with one 3-hour long kickoff session held via Zoom®, followed by a 1-hour monthly call spanning throughout the year of 2023

Yes! All of these sessions will be recorded and posted to the BGM Client Portal for Masterclass enrollees. 

Upon purchasing a seat for the Ric Lager Masterclass, you will gain access to the following:

  • Exclusive Slack Channel to chat with other classmates and message Ric directly with questions
  • Ric's special sales and prospecting materials 
  • Recordings of all future sessions of the Ric Lager Masterclass
  • One 3-hour long kick off session 
  • Ten 1-hour long monthly mastermind calls

Ric would suggest finding the answers to these questions to know for sure:

  • Does your broker-dealer have policies and procedures in place for managing client assets "held-away" from your firm's custodian?
  • Does your firm have an agreement with Pontera?
  • Can you charge a flat "financial planning fee" for client assets "held-away?"
  • Does your broker-dealer have a clearing arrangement with Schwab, Fidelity, Empower, Vanguard, or any of the large retirement plan providers?
  • Can you gain custodian platform access to those firms

If the answer is yes to any of these, You should be able to do it.

One of the monthly courses will specifically go over how to manage the investments. In that call we will discuss using Dorsey Wright tools as an example of that management. We will give some ideas of rules you could use. If you are struggling with setting your own investment rules, or if you find the need to create rules based on what you were doing through another provider but now want to bring it in-house, Ric and Matt would be happy to discuss it further in our Masterclass exclusive messenger channel or even schedule a one-on-one meeting.

Any non-advisor team members can and are encouraged, to join you on the monthly webinars. You will be given one login for the Masterclass website. Any advisor partners or even advisor team members will need to purchase a separate ticket. 

While they will be on all of the webinars, some of the classes will include some very special guests who are experts in the topic we will be discussing that month. This means you are getting direct access to some of the experts Ric has leaned on for years to build out this business.


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