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Sales Success Bootcamp

Sales Success Bootcamp

A four-day, training class designed to increase your close rate and push your numbers into a whole new range of sales success

Next Sales Success Bootcamp Kicks off August 23, 2022

Is this bootcamp for you?

We have found that both new and established advisors need help with their sales process.

As we all know, sales is a numbers game.

So here are some numbers for  you to evaluate your own process. 

From contact to client, moving prospects through the pipeline can log jam your entire sales process. Too many unqualified leads leave little room for real prospects.

And that’s when you call us in.

We Wrote the Book on Prospecting

Our Founder, Bill Good, wrote the book on prospecting in this industry. Two actually!

To date, we have trained more than 50,000 advisors to be master salespeople. We equip them with all the tools they need to break through the barriers that slow their progress toward sales success.


We help our clients increase their cold lead close rate by as much as 50%, and we help push that referral rate up by close to 100%.


And we can definitely help you too.


All it takes is an investment of your time, a donation of your blood, a little sweat, and likely some tears. But by the end, you will have a set of tools to master the sales game.


And your numbers will be in a whole new range.

What is Sales Success Bootcamp?

This bootcamp is not just a theory course; it’s a Learn It / Do It course.

You will be practicing the skill sets you learn using real-life scenarios. And we will drill it in until you know them cold.

Sales Success Bootcamp is a training course designed specifically to help advisors effectively increase their close rate.

From Contact to Close

Defining the Prospect Journey

Using a combination of pipeline management tools, marketing content, and real selling skills, Sales Success Bootcamp is a complete system of best practices designed to push you to the next level of your career. By the time you leave our class, these processes will practically be part of your very DNA. So applying them to your practice will be nearly second nature.

From the Aerial View to the

The Nitty Gritty

Some of the basics this Boot Camp will teach, include:

  • The Formula for Prospecting and Sales Success
  • Establishing the Trusted Advisor Brand before your prospects even sit down
  • Using the Trial Close to Test for Real Interest
  • “The Magic Sequence” to Closing New Business
  • How to Build a Closing Momentum

Learn from the best to

Become the Best

When you study the most effective sales people in this business, you will find that they each have a process. There’s no flying by the seat of their pants. They do what works. And they do it over and over and over again with repeatable and predictable results.

That is what you will have by the time you leave our class.

Meet Your Instructor
Matt Hicken, AAMS®

"I believe being an advisor is a noble calling...

"Their position allows them to help clients achieve their dreams. My goal is to make sure that every advisor we work with feels the relief that comes when the processes are in place, which ensures they can keep their focus on their clients while achieving their goals in this industry."

Matt is our Sr. Vice President of Client Success and the Triple Double Architect. During his nearly 14 years helping run an advisory practice, Matt and his team doubled their production three times, going from $500k annually to over $4.5 Million. In that time, they also made a firm change and transitioned from a transactional model to a fee-based business.

Matt has a combined 20 + years’ experience working with advisors from a consultative and practice management role. He understands the industry. He has sat in your chair and closed new business using the processes taught in this course.

He knows the unique challenges you face as a business owner and advisor. He has the tools, the processes, and the real-world experience building an over half a billion-dollar practice. And he will be sharing them with you.


Downtown Salt Lake City

We are so excited to announce that this bootcamp will be hosted in our own back yard! Salt Lake City. While the days will be filled with lots of learning and instruction from our team, we want to make sure you experience Salt Lake City to the fullest extent possible after class, which is why we are holding it in the heart of downtown.


Salt Lake City has a variety of historical sites, amazing dining, and unique experiences. Listed throughout this packet are some of our staff members top recommendations to make your visit here as enjoyable as possible. We hope you fall in love with Salt Lake City just as much as we have!


No matter the season, SLC offers adventurous options for you. Take a short trip up one of our many canyons and into the towering Wasatch Mountains. Play in our world-famous “Greatest Snow on Earth” or go for a scenic hike, bike ride, picnic or rock-climbing outing. It’s all close and easily accessible.


The Broadway Media Center

Class will be held in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City at the Broadway Media Towers, which offer cityscape views and convenience.

The Broadway Media Towers are near several restaurants, the Federal Courthouse, Salt Palace Convention Center, and the new City Creek Shopping Center.

You’ll also have a choice of several great hotels within walking distance. And, with our rail system nearby, you are a short ride to anywhere downtown.

Do not buy this bootcamp.

Invest in it.

What you learn in this class will require hard work. We will push you to master a technique that does not come naturally to most salespeople. It will take discipline. It will take dedication. It will take commitment.

Call 888-495-7303 if you have any questions.

Salt Lake City
(August 23-26)

$ 3,500
  • 4-Day Bootcamp Access
  • Refreshments During the Class
  • Exclusive Top-Profile Questionnaires and Call Scripts

We Fly to You
(Date TBD)

$ 20,000
  • 4-Day On-site Training
  • No Travel Involved for You and Your Team
  • Tailored in-person training in YOUR office for each of your staff members.
  • Exclusive Top-Profile Questionnaires and Call Scripts

Frequently Asked Questions


Class will be held in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City at the Broadway Media Towers. Feel free to reach out to our Client Success Coordinator for our recommendations of things to-do/see in town.

The class fees ONLY cover your admission to the class -- three and a half days of expert instruction, guided practice, and course materials. Travel expenses are not included in the class fee.

Yes, feel free to call into our office and ask to speak with our Client Success Coordinator. They can assist with flights, hotels, car rentals, and anything else you might need.

The Course

We see there are really three types of advisors who will most benefit from this course.

  1. Advisors who are just starting up prospecting beyond referrals. If you have not done any prospecting outside of referrals in the last few years, your sales process is likely a little rusty. This class will not only give you a refresh, but get you pumped up to go out there and get new business.
  2. Advisors who have not yet documented their sales process. We know that in order to improve anything, you have to know exactly where you are now and what pieces might be adjusted to test for improvement. You will leave this class with a documented, step-by-step process.
  3. New Advisors. Whether a junior who has yet to "cut their teeth" on closing new business or an advisor who had tried several times but just doesn't have it down yet, this class will be for you.
Sales Success Bootcamp and Launchpad are two very different classes. The only overlap will be on Day 1 during the short introduction. The end result of Launchpad is to get you up and running on the Bill Good Marketing System. It essentially is designed to help you get your processes in place so leads flow into your pipeline.

Sales Success Bootcamp is the class designed to teach you what to do with them once they are in there. The end result is a repeatable sales process that will help you and your team set more first appointments with more qualified leads and close a higher percentage of them.

We will do a deep dive on how to manage the actual sales appointment. This focuses on the sales process itself. It will teach you the best practices that shorten your lead time, increases your close rate, and simplifies the whole process.
We will teach you to use some of our best profiling questionnaires and calling scripts. To support your efforts, we will also provide the marketing materials that keep prospects moving through the pipeline.

These are all field-tested and proven to unplug even the stickiest flow. But as part of this class, we will teach you the techniques you need to write your own scripts. That way the knowledge you gain becomes a repeatable step in the entire process.

This is a class for salespeople. Any level of experience is welcome.

Since this is a class about learning and implementing best sales practices, it doesn’t really matter where you are in the game. You WILL get a lot out of it. After all, this is the class where some of the industry’s top salespeople first learned to sell. 

Bring a laptop, your existing sales documents, and any collateral you use during your sales process.

Also, this is a bootcamp, so come prepared for that mind shift. Sometimes changing bad habits and poor processes takes courage and commitment and a real willingness to learn new things. If you don’t come mentally equipped for that challenge, you will not get out of this class what you are looking for.

If you are ready to find real sales success, then we will help you get there.

Yes! The venue is equipped with High Speed Wi-Fi and Fiberoptic Internet Service that will be free to you.


No, current BGM System subscribers and non-clients can attend as well.

Only briefly. Since many FAs are already using different planning programs, we plan to cover some of it broadly and how it can integrate and make some recommendations for those that need it. We will discuss a couple of the more popular planning software options (eMoney and Moneyguide Pro) and how they can be used in the sales cycle.

We don't expect your questions to be done.

Our Client Services Coordinator is here to answer all of your questions.

They can be reached at 888-495-7303. We look forward to hearing from you.

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