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According to Me

Selling is a step-by-step process intended to increase the desire to own the benefits of a product or service to the point where that desire outweighs the fear of change.

Maybe you enjoy selling and maybe you don’t. But as a financial advisor, selling makes up a gigantic portion of your job. That’s true whether you’re in a wirehouse or an RIA; whether you’re with a large bank or an independent broker/dealer.

Because selling is such a major part of your job, it’s critical that you do it right. It’s critical that you understand there’s a right way to sell and a wrong way.

Most of all, it’s critical that you abandon the Old Way to sell in favor of The Good Way to Sell.

Effective selling is a process. It’s a series of steps, disciplines, tools, and techniques that you can apply to every client or prospect every single time. When done correctly, selling enables you to find out what your clients and prospects really want, offer the solution, and then move the sale through to a timely, profitable conclusion.

The Good Way to Sell is my process. I have developed, refined, and updated it frequently over my 40+ years in sales. And now I’m offering it to you, absolutely free

All you have to do is download and read


It’s long, but you’ll have all the tools you need.

Plus, you should also download two articles I originally wrote for Research Magazine.  If you’re like most advisors, you probably don’t prospect much.  But did you know it’s actually a SALES problem more than anything else?  In these articles, I provide the solution, so you can prospect more and sell more.

The Good Way to Sell will show you:

  1. The Core Selling Skills
    Here you will get an overview of the six selling skills you must master.
  2. The Profile: Your Single Most Powerful Sales Tool.
    Your most valuable tool is the sales profile. A good profile correctly executed will discover the vital data you need to keep the pipeline moving.
  3. Building a Great Sales Proposal
    To build a great sales proposal, you better know what one is. You will learn that here.
  4. Why and How to Educate the Client
    With “educational selling,” you rarely have to close. Learn why not.
  5. Profiling the 22 Dimensions of an Investor
    Take this information and craft your own sales profile.
  6. What You Need to Know (About a Client and How You Find It Out)
    This is the ultimate CYA. Learn what you need to be compliant with FINRA 2310, and how to find out.
  7. Profile Wrap Up
    Dig deeper into profile design.
  8. The Magic Sequence
    This is the “Good Way” to get a sale closed.


A marketing system dedicated to helping advisors succeed

Of course, knowing what to do isn’t always enough. Sometimes even having all the tools isn’t enough. You have to be able to use them. That’s why at Bill Good Marketing, I give away theory and sell implementation. Subscribers to my System not only follow The Good Way to Sell, but they also implement it quickly and easily. That’s because my System provides:

  • Personal coaching with a dedicated Success Coach so you can get your questions answered and even your handheld if necessary.
  • Multiple selling profiles for different situations. As you’ll see when you read The Good Way to Sell, a good profile is the most valuable tool in your arsenal. With my System, you’ll have some of the best profiles ever created – many by top producers in your industry.
  • Sample sales proposals you can use and adapt for your own practice.
  • Access to our Letters Library, a gigantic archive of educational and sales materials, including scripts.
  • Our Sales Pipeline tools – all the processes, checklists, and steps you need to keep your clients and prospects moving through your own pipeline.
  • And much more!

So if you want to implement The Good Way to Sell;

If you want access to a System designed to make selling easier and more effective;

Then it’s time to call us to see how we can make an immediate difference in your business.






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