Introducing our free SEMINAR MARKETING guidebook!

Introducing our free SEMINAR MARKETING guidebook!

The man to your left is Joe Johnson, a long-time client of Bill Good Marketing.  He raised $100 million in assets in only 2 years from seminars alone…and all from a standing start!  (Meaning he started with no assets.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  No matter which word you use, it’s impressive.)  

Here’s how he did it:

Joe took my advice and divided his seminars into seven distinct phases, each with a corresponding statistic for measuring success.  Then, he implemented a few key best practices for each phase, tweaked until each statistic was in what I call the success zone, and voila!  $100 million in only two years.     

Now, none of this is meant to suggest that what Joe did was EASY.  It takes dedication and a systematic approach to master seminar marketing.  But can anyone do it?  Can you?

And my new guidebook will show you how.

My guidebook, The Seminar Success Zone, shows you exactly what you need to do grow your business through seminars. 



Click here to download a free copy of my guidebook!

In this guidebook, you will learn:

  • The 7 key statistics that ensure seminar success
  • The most important best practices that will help you reach each statistic. 
  • The secrets behind a good seminar invitation, location, and presentation. 
  • Common seminar mistakes FAs make, and how to avoid them
  • And much more!

What is the “Seminar Success Zone”?

The Success Zone is a group of statistics.  Each statistic must be in a certain range.  If it’s not in that range, it will be hard to make seminars profitable.  But when the stats line up, you’ll be in the Zone.  And when that happens, something magical occurs.

Suddenly, you only have to spend about $2,500 for $10,000 in recurring revenue.

Where do I get these numbers?  Well, the $2,500 is how much the average advisor in the Success Zone spends per seminar.  The $10,000 is how much (again, on average) they make in recurring revenue once each statistic is consistently reached. 

Full disclosure: It takes a bit of testing and tweaking to get into the zone.  But the benefits can be enormous.  After all, who wouldn’t spend $2,500 to get $10,000? 

This is what Joe did.  He got every single statistic in the right range, and the result was a massive explosion in new business. 

So, Bill, what are the statistics in the Seminar Success Zone?

Great question!  Here they are:

  1. Response rate (the percentage of people who respond to your invitation)
  2. Show-up rate (the percentage of respondents who actually attend)
  3. Appointment request rate (the percentage of attendees who request an appointment)
  4. Appointment set rate (the percentage of those who actually set an appointment)
  5. Appointment show-up rate (the percentage of those who actually come to the
    appointment and become Hot Prospects)
  6. Close rate (the percentage of those who actually buy)
  7. Follow-up rate (the attendees who come in for an appointment months or years later)

Each statistic builds off each other.  For example, if your response rate is where it needs to be, it will be much easier to achieve the optimal show-up rate.  You MUST follow specific steps to nail down each statistic, of course, but as you do, you’ll start to build momentum – and the entire process becomes easier.

So ask yourself:

Do you want to learn the target number for each statistic of the Seminar Success Zone?

Do you want to learn the individual steps you must take to achieve seminar success?

Do you want to emulate what Joe Johnson has done?

Then you need to read my special guide on 

The Seminar Success Zone.


Improve your seminar results today!

Click here to download a free copy of my guidebook

This is one of the most important documents I’ve ever released.  It’s chock-full of information on each of the seven statistics, including how each statistic works, what the ideal range must be, and what steps you must take to accomplish each. 

And it’s the exact same guide Joe Johnson used to get started.

Seminars are a unique way of generating multiple leads at once while simultaneously branding yourself in a way no other form of prospecting can match. When done right, they’re an invaluable tool for your business. But you can’t just wing it.  You have to prepare. You have to refine.

You have to get in the Seminar Success Zone

Don’t waste another minute.  Start growing your business through seminars today!

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