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The Seminar Success Zone

What is the zone and how do you get there?


This advisor raised $100 million AUM through seminars alone. Here’s how!

Chicago-area FA and long-time BGM client Joe Johnson raised $100 million in two years with seminars alone. What’s more, he did it from a standing start. No clients. No assets. Just total commitment and the best marketing system in the industry. Think about it: $100 million in two years!

And he’s far from the only advisor who used the Bill Good Marketing System to achieve seminar success.

So how do you achieve seminar success? How do you emulate Joe Johnson? You simply need to get in what I like to call:

The Seminar Success Zone.

The Seminar Success Zone is a group of seven different statistics. Each statistic must be in a certain range. If it’s not in that range, it will be hard to make seminars profitable. But when the stats line up, you’ll be in the Zone. And when that happens, something magical occurs:

Suddenly, you only have to spend about $2,500 for $10,000 in recurring revenue.

Where do I get these numbers? Well, the $2,500 is how much the average advisor in the Success Zone spends per seminar. The $10,000 is how much (again, on average) they make in recurring revenue once each statistic is consistently reached.

Because my company is all about giving away theory and selling implementation, I’m happy to give you the 7 stats for free. Here they are:

  1. Response rate
  2. Show-up rate
  3. Appointment request rate
  4. Appointment set rate
  5. Appointment Show-Up rate
  6. Close rate
  7. Follow-up rate

To learn the target number for each rate, you have to download and read my white paper, The Seminar Success Zone. It’s also free. And you want to know the best part? My paper doesn’t just explain how each of these rates work.

It tells you exactly how to achieve them.

So here’s what you need to do to get started on the road to seminar success:

First, read my white paper on The Seminar Success Zone. Again, it’s free.

Second, make time to watch the two educational webinars. Joe Johnson was kind enough to join me to talk about how he uses the Bill Good Marketing System to get in the Zone. He will also educate you on some simple tips and tricks he uses to make seminars extra profitable, including:

  • How long your seminar should be
  • What lists he buys
  • What seminar titles he uses
  • What markets he started with and which he focuses on now
  • How the Bill Good Marketing System saved him time and expense by not having to develop seminar campaigns himself.

Seminars are a unique way of generating multiple leads at once while simultaneously branding yourself in a way no other form of prospecting can match. When done right, they’re an invaluable tool for your business. But you can’t just wing it—you have to prepare. You have to fine-tune.

You have to get in the Seminar Success Zone. Start by downloading The Seminar Success Zone today!

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Bill Good Marketing – The #1 Marketing System to Achieve Seminar Success

At Bill Good Marketing, we give away theory and sell implementation. And at some point, you may want help implementing everything you learned in my white paper, The Seminar Success Zone.

That’s when you should give us a call. We can help you with every aspect of seminar management, from procuring a good list, to crafting the right invitation, to producing and follow-up on the actual seminar itself. That’s because the Bill Good Marketing System contains:

  • An incredible Seminar Invitation Library, featuring over fifty different invitations on a variety of topics…each tried and tested by actual advisors in the industry.
  • Our unique Seminar Marketing Campaign. Run from inside our Gorilla CRM software, this campaign allows you to import your desired list, send your chosen invitation, track who has responded, send out confirmation messages, manage meal selections, track who actually attended, and follow-up with each attendee in a timely manner. With this campaign, you can even manage up to 3 different events at once!
  • Our Guide to Producing Perfect Seminars. This is it: the veritable bible on how to conduct seminars. It contains different checklists on every aspect of seminar production, so that nothing ever gets missed, forgotten, or mismanaged.
  • And much more!

Other marketing companies have only a few invitations and a couple boiler-plate power-point presentations. No one else offers what we offer.


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